BOSTON (CBS) — On Monday night, the Little League team from Rhode Island lost a thriller against a team from Chicago, sending the kids from Cumberland home from Williamsport, Pa.

It was a hard-fought, 8-7 game, and it was one that kept viewers on the edge of their seats until the final out was recorded.

Anyone who watched any Rhode Island games during the tournament likely noticed the team’s coach, Dave Belisle, stand out among his peers. With the coach mic’d up, viewers could hear Belisle’s words of encouragement and support for his players even when they were struggling.

On Monday night in particular, after a pitcher had given up the league, Belisle took to the mound and congratulated the young man for a job well done. Such a strategy stood in contrast to some other coaches, who would visit the mound and ask players “Can you get this done for me?” while standing on the sidelines and watching a 12-year-old kid cry his eyes out in the middle of a game.

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