Most of us understand that yelling “fire” in a crowded theater is not a valid exercise of free speech. Why, then, do we permit the irresponsible, agenda-driven media, the race-baiters and poverty pimps to do so?

Black America has plenty of problems, and not all of them are of their own making. But a significant portion are. In theory, black families should be doing well. We’ve had how many generations of affirmative action? For some families this has worked well. But for a lot of them it hasn’t.


We can start with the phrase “black family.” In a lot of places it’s a family in name only. Mom, kids, a series of live-in boyfriends and the state (that’d be you and me, who pay for it all). Think of it as a ménage-a-quad.

Kids who don’t have fathers have problems. Hillary may tell us that “it takes a village to raise a child,” but Hillary and Bill didn’t raise Chelsea that way. She had a mother and father. And she knew who they were. Just like most of the outspoken, leftist Ameriphobes. They did what they knew worked with their own children. Cutting-edge experimentation was thrust upon those who didn’t know any better. Let them pay the price.

They have. In spades. But so has Ferguson and the rest of America.

White guilt is a fine little fantasy, if you have the means to indulge it. The “means” means that you don’t live in the inner city. You live in a gated enclave, where the Mexican gardeners need a pass to get inside and manicure your lawn. You have security cameras inside your McMansion and roving security outside to keep the troublemakers out of your home. Out of your life. And the police are attentive to your phone calls. Your children go to private schools that keep out troublemakers; they don’t go to inner-city schools where troublemakers call – or fire – the shots. They don’t join gangs. And they don’t beat, rob or murder people for gang initiations or because they are bored.

Democrats have built their reign of domestic terror upon the backs of inner-city children. The state has made their mothers breeders for the next generation of gang members and prisoners (the latter is big business, by the way). Food stamps have been mainstreamed to the point that merchants, not hungry children, are now their most vocal advocates. And slumlords love those government rent checks – to death.

But these opportunists pale in comparison to Democratic politicians, who having birthed and bred this inner-city horror, now ride into office on its back every couple of years. There they “serve” their constituency: unions, landlords, food stamp merchants, prison corporations and the rest of the Democratic elite, who rode to power and wealth on the backs of fatherless children whom they forced us to pay to raise and “educate.”

The welfare conundrum isn’t as hard to fix as it first appears. Abolish it. Why is stealing from the productive a government function? Make the geniuses whose lofty plans morphed into Ferguson begin spending their “charitable” trusts on sustaining welfare mothers and children on the ground where they live. Spend their endowments into the ground. Put their money where their mouths are. And end up with exactly what the rest of us have to show for it. Nothing but crime, fear and ever-increasing demands for more more more by the racial hucksters.

Yes, by all means, do it for the children. Black America deserves more than what the government has been able to produce. And so does the rest of America.

Justice or grace. The choice is yours.

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