There are less than 1,000 days left in Barack Obama’s presidency, and it looks like he is on target and determined to push through his total transformation of this country. Right now he is gearing up for his 16-day summer vacation in Martha’s Vineyard, but that will just give us a short delay before he comes back to D.C. armed with a fistful of executive orders.

We know by his words and actions that he has no qualms about re-writing laws that don’t suit him, demonizing his opponents and anyone who disagrees with his policies and lying to get what he wants. Why does he do this? Because he knows he can! He realizes that no matter what he does from here on out, no one will stop him. And trust me; your head will spin when you see what he has planned as the days run out. He has mobilized his troops to declare war on this country and remake it into what he thinks it should be. Isn’t it odd that he shows weakness and a lack of leadership when it comes to dealing with aggression from dictators or terrorists but he runs full speed ahead to crush America and its people?

The recent arrogance from the Democrats and the White House over impeachment rumors reminds me of kids on a playground. One group is just daring the other side to step over the line while taunting them with jeers and laughter. His speech last week to a group in Austin, Texas, was a perfect example of how confident he feels in his ability to do anything without fear of repercussions. Playing to an adoring crowd he said; “You hear some of them – ‘Sue him, impeach him.'” “Really? Really? For what? You’re going to sue me for doing my job? OK.” He continued the same rhetoric in Kansas City, Missouri, where he demonized the Republicans once again by saying, “Stop bein’ mad all the time, stop hatin’ all the time,” while laughing at the situation.

Instead of showing strength and calling him out on his remarks, the GOP ran to the microphones screaming that “there will be NO IMPEACHMENT, IMPEACHMENT is off the table!” They should have just been honest and said, “We aren’t going to do anything to him. He can get away with whatever he wants. We give him a pass on breaking and rewriting laws, targeting groups he hates, destroying the economy, allowing thousands upon thousands of illegals to overrun our borders, making us more vulnerable to terrorists and spitting in the face of our allies.”

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The sad thing is Obama knows that no matter what he does between now and the end of his presidency he will get a free pass. If he signs an executive order to give amnesty to 5 million or more illegals, nothing will be done to stop it. No one will blink when the deficit reaches $20 trillion dollars by the end of his term. If he seems to be more on the side of Hamas than Israel, no one will chastise him. If the Middle East continues to melt down and a caliphate state takes over, will anyone blame him? And if by some miracle Lois Lerner’s emails re-surface and she is sent to jail, he will just pardon her, and she will get away with crimes against Americans.

I believe that even if all of the facts came out on Benghazi and it was proven that arms were being sold to Syria that also made their way to Hamas and al-Qaida, the GOP would sit on their hands and do nothing! Everyone knows the entire Benghazi story is a cover-up, and we know that this president allowed four Americans to die to save his political campaign – but we still don’t know the whole story. We are entering dangerous territory when one side of the government just rolls over and gives up to obvious lawlessness. Even if there is little chance of winning the battle, at least they should show a united front and fight. A few do, but they are being shot down by the appeasers on their own side!

How pathetic is it that the GOP is so paralyzed with fear of this president that they risk losing the country and the very values we have stood for since the founding? I shudder to think what George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln would think if they could see how we have lost our courage and the will to stop the destruction of the country they loved so much.

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