The Tuesday headline on radio news was grim.

Two-Star U.S. Gen. Harold J. Greene was shot to death and 15 others wounded in an unprovoked, sneak attack by an Afghan soldier.

The news was horrific, but what really enraged me was the newscasters comment that this was the first U.S. general to be killed in combat in decades.

No – NO – NO! He might have been killed in an area that’s technically within a combat zone, but he was NOT killed in combat.

Greene was walking with a group of visiting military on the grounds of the Marshal Fahim National Defense University in Afghanistan, near Kabul. It’s an Afghan Military Training Center.

The group was ambushed by one man – a traitor – who blasted them with his military weapon.

They didn’t have a chance.

It was not a combat death.

It was murder.

What was the reaction of our president? Silence.

The general was part of a delegation of U.S., NATO and Afghan military reviewing the progress being made at the facility, which trains Afghan forces who’ll be assuming defense of the country when the U.S. pulls out – or, as Barack Obama says, “ends the war.”

How did the president respond to this attack? Silence.

A soldier from the Afghan allied army who’d just returned from a drill shot Gen. Greene at close range.

The killer, a man in his 20s, hid in a bathroom. When the group walked by, he opened fire. It clearly was a planned attack.

The victims didn’t have a chance.

Greene was killed instantly – shot once in the leg and four times in the back!

A German brigadier general was injured, as were two Afghan generals and a U.S. military contractor. Half of the injured were Americans. We’re told none of the injuries are life threatening.

The reaction of the president? Silence.

It was another of those cowardly, despicable insider attacks on our and NATO military and contractors in Afghanistan by someone pretending to be a friend but who’s really a terrorist, intent on our death.

Such shootings aren’t unusual. They’re called green-on-blue attacks and the numbers of deaths and injuries are horrific, especially because they’re perpetrated by traitors and U.S. and NATO forces are sitting ducks.

But that’s the story of this war, in which the rules of engagement have been changed to give the enemy the advantage – as the families of the 6,700 dead Americans know all too well.

The only people happy about this are the Taliban. After this attack, the Taliban praised the shooter for his “honorable action in the attack on foreign occupiers.”

I should note that the shooter was killed in a gun battle. Good!

But the general is dead, too.

Where are the media or public outrage?

Where’s the outrage from elected officials?

In fact, where’s the outrage and compassion from the man in the Oval Office?


The attack was on the Aug. 5. On Aug. 6, there was nothing on the Drudge Report.

A pseudo big deal was made in the media for barely a day that Greene was the highest ranking military killed in the Afghanistan/Iraq war – and then the story virtually disappeared. Why?

Where was – is – the commander in chief?

Oh, that’s right, he was planning and hosting a big White House shindig for a collection of African leaders with histories of human rights abuses and blood.

He was busy promising all kinds of U.S. aid, loan guarantees and financial goodies for those countries, actually the entire continent.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel and Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno made the expected condolence statement.

The commander in chief? Silence.

At a State Department news conference, CNN’s Chief White House Correspondent Jim Acosta asked about the fact the president hadn’t said anything about Gen. Green’s killing.

Acosta said the media were told, “Officials have been saying inside the administration that part of the reason for that is because the president doesn’t want to give special attention to a general when so many have lost their lives in Afghanistan.”

What?! Because so many have been killed, Obama ignores the ambush?

What an unbelievable insult!

If Obama honored every death in the Afghanistan/Iraq war, I could accept their lily livered reason for ignoring the murder of Maj. Gen. Greene.

But Obama ignores all of them, so I guess the general is no different. He’s just another notch on the scoreboard of the Obama administration.

But why the almost absolute silence of conservative and liberal media?

Are we immune to caring for the lives of people who volunteer to put their lives on the line for our safety and security?

Apparently so, and since Barack Obama has said the Afghanistan War is over, he’s done with even mentioning the sacrifices of anyone killed or wounded.

Maj. Gen. Greene’s body was returned to Dover Air Force Base on the Aug. 7 – his flag-draped casket carried by fellow military.

Air Force Chaplain Maj. Melvin K. Smith boarded the plane to offer a prayer.

The general’s weeping family was there – his father, wife, son, daughter and daughter-in-law, as were Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno and Army Secretary John McHugh.

In an unusual move, the family was escorted onto the plane. It was at their request so they could thank the flight crew.

But the commander in chief – the man who is president – was nowhere to be seen.

I wish the family of Gen. Greene would specifically request that no one from this administration attend the funeral and burial at Arlington National Cemetery – but I’m certain they’re too classy to do that.

Unfortunately, Barack Obama wouldn’t know class if he fell over it.

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