Hamas TV promotes suicide attacks on Israeli civilians (Palestinian Media Watch)

Hamas TV promotes suicide attacks on Israeli civilians (courtesy Palestinian Media Watch)

TEL AVIV – The official Hamas television network, Al-Aqsa TV, has broadcast a video numerous times encouraging Palestinians to dress up as ultra-Orthodox Jews to carry out suicide bombings within Israel.

The video aired during the Gaza conflict three times, on July 9, 27 and 30, according to Palestinian Media Watch, which documents extremism in the Palestinian media.

The video depicts a jihadist handler strapping a suicide explosives belt on a Palestinian dressed as a stereotypical ultra-Orthodox Jew.

Additionally, the official television network of the Palestinian Authority broadcast a video that promoted suicide terrorism.

In the video, the screen flashes the words of a poem by Palestinian national poet Mahmoud Darwish.

“She (Gaza) wraps her waist with dynamite and explodes,” reads the poem. “It is neither death nor suicide. It is Gaza’s way to declare its right to life.”

Palestinian Media Watch said the PA TV video “demonizes Israel as an enemy targeting women and children and concludes that suicide terror will go on.”

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