Television interviewers rarely take the position that their guests should “shut up.”

But for the Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity, it came to that when British Muslim leader Anjem Choundary came on to discuss the concept of worldwide Shariah, beheading Christians who don’t submit to Islam and the massacre of innocent children and women in the name of Islam.

Commenters on the Web called it an “epic shouting match,” but Hannity actually didn’t actually raise his voice much. He did, however, reach the end of his tolerance for Choudary’s brow-beating, telling him at one point in the 10-minute interview, “If you shut up, I’ll give you an answer.”

Hannity’s questions were the ones many viewers want to hear answered, such as: Does Choudary support the Shariah-based “convert or die” ultimatum handed down by ISIS to Christians and others across Iraq?

Choudary called Hannity’s suggestion a “pack of lies.” And he launched into a diatribe about how America is beheading people, killing “hundreds of thousands.”

Hannity differed, telling Choudary, “Obviously you need an education.”

The interview came about after Choudary had tweeted the threat that “Shariah will one day be the law in the UK.”

He had said: “Whatever [Prime Minister David] Cameron and [Home Secretary Teresa] may do can’t stop the rise of the awakening giant called the Muslim Ummah.”

Choudary claimed Christians are returning to Mosul, Iraq, because they have “realized life under Shariah is much better.”

Hannity asked about Islam’s treatment of women (Choudary said they “aren’t slabs of meat in Islam”), about homosexuality under Islam (people “will not be doing this”), and handling rape cases, which under Islam requires four male witnesses (“if there are witnesses, of course they will be punished.”)

While Hannity was explaining that it appeared Choudary was supporting “death, murder and terror,” making him an “enemy of freedom,” Choudary was advocating for Shariah being implemented “in the whole world.”

Instead of the traditional “thank you” after the interview, Hannity closed it down with, “You’re wasting my time, good bye.”

See the exchange:

It was only a few weeks earlier that Hannity’s show featured another classic argument.

That was when Jamie Glazov of FrontPage Magazine, author of “United in Hate” and “Showdown with Evil,” appeared in a discussion in which fellow panel member Tamara Holder blasted Glazov as “a disgusting person” for claiming those who deny Islam’s role in jihad are complicit in perpetuating jihadist terror.

Video of the exchange with Glazov on “Hannity”:

That kind of attack – labeling the champion of victims as the perpetrator instead – is exactly how the left operates, Glazov says.

In a follow-up interview with Ann-Marie Murrell, a WND columnist and author of the upcoming book “What Women (Really) Want,” on his own “The Glazov Gang” program, Glazov contends the left is winning the culture war, in part, because of its effective strategy of “demonizing” those who tell the truth about Islam.

“So many people are afraid to come forward because they’re called ‘dangerous’ people,” Glazov said on “Hannity.” “They’re called ‘racists, Islamophobes.’ But we’re the ones on the side of the victims, including Muslims.”

In his interview with Murrell, he elaborated: “What I’m so tired of hearing and what I was saying on the show is how the left has constructed the boundaries of debate. … [We’re] standing up for the victims of jihad and Islamic gender apartheid, and this means we’re also standing up for many Muslim victims, for many Muslim people. Do you think we’re ‘Islamophobes’ and ‘racists’ because we spend so much of our time trying to save and protect the victims? … Those are Muslim women, those are Muslim girls.”

Watch the interview with Glazov:

Murrell played some of the “Hannity” show confrontation over Islam.

“That clip was epic,” said Murrell. “This episode of Sean Hannity was one of the best ever in the history of Fox News. … It was one of the most important for sure.”

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