There is a lot happening this week in the news. But here are some headlines you may have missed:

  •  “Black Muslim Activist Held in Mexican Prison. White House Still Silent after 135,000 Sign Petition”
  • “Christians Slaughter Fleeing Muslims on Iraq Mountaintop”
  • “Right-Wing Preacher Mutilates Sex Organs of his Daughters for ‘Religious Reasons.’ Claims his is a ‘Religion of Peace'”
  • “Man Kills Puppies, says he ‘Can’t Afford More Dogs.’ Tosses dismembered puppies into dumpster”
  • “Jewish Terrorist Kills Women and Children in Bloody Suicide Bombing in Gaza”
  • “The New Punch-Out Game: White Teens Target Innocent Black Pedestrians. White Leaders Silent”

How many of the headlines did you have to read to know they weren’t real?

One? Two? If you got to three without knowing there is no possible way they are real, you are a bona fide idiot.

These headlines demonstrate a psychological truth: America is brainwashed, racist and phobic in the most insidious of ways. It reminds me of classic Stockholm syndrome, the way the most oppressed blindly cling to those holding them hostage in this country.

Each of these events is based on true stories, but words have been changed to expose the guilty.

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The race mongers and imperialists in this country use events to incite those they find the most useful for votes, money and power. Some of the worst are so-called black leaders who do nothing but exploit the deaths of members of their own race to gain power and votes. The lying feminists are right behind them, selling out women for a dangerous, misogynistic movement that they have used to institutionalize their own bigotry in colleges across the country. Then there are the anti-First Amendment fascists who want to make Americans afraid to state simple truths.

Their objectives:

1) Keep oppressed groups down.

2) Control those who can’t, or won’t, think for themselves.

3) Delegitimize (or eliminate) anyone who might expose the truth.

Don’t believe me? Think it somehow makes me the racist for spelling out the truth with this simple little mental game?

Consider the actual headlines, and ask yourself why no one cares:

  • “American War Hero, Andrew Tahmooressi, held in Mexican Prison. White House Still Silent after 135,000 Sign Petition”
  • “Muslims Slaughter Fleeing Christians on Iraq Mountaintop”
  • “Muslim Cleric Mutilates Sex Organs of his Daughters for ‘Religious Reasons.’ Claims his is a ‘Religion of Peace'”
  • “Woman Aborts Twins Because She Can’t Afford More Children. Doctor Tosses Dismembered Babies into Dumpster” (This happens every single day.)
  • “Hamas Kills Jewish Women and Children in Bloody Suicide Bombing in Jerusalem”
  • “The New Knock-Out Game: Black Teens Target Innocent White Pedestrians. Black Leaders Silent”

Let me ask you this: If my statement about the imperialists and their cohorts in the media were not true, how would you have immediately known the headlines were doctored?

Liberal or conservative, you knew by the first or second headline above that something wasn’t right. Those headlines were not possible. If we had true freedom, free of bias in this country, it wouldn’t have been so obvious.

Consider this headline: “7 Dead, 28 Injured in Chicago Mass Shooting”

That’s something that happens all the time, but you don’t see any of the mass shootings reported. Why? Because it is black-on-black crime in Barack Obama’s hometown, where guns are banned. Translation: It doesn’t fit the statist narrative.

It is only when an “assault rifle” is used by a white man that it is called a mass shooting.

They don’t really care about saving black lives. They care about lining their pockets, getting their votes and keeping people down. They don’t care who has to die for their agenda, who has to be wrongly accused, whose lives are destroyed, and they don’t care a thing about freedom. They use slavery of the most hideous, covert nature to accomplish their dastardly deeds. And America stands by and excuses them.

This play (creating crisis, pointing fingers, excusing real crisis) is the No. 1 play in their playbook to perpetuate the mythological war on women, and war on people with darker skin, to keep them voting against their own interests.

So, blacks who have 30 percent unemployment are voting to bring in hordes of unskilled workers to take any available jobs.

Women who want good schools for their kids and safe neighborhoods are voting for Democrats sold out to the teachers unions and the police unions.

Jews who want the freedom to believe what they believe are voting for those who would first destroy their homeland in Israel, have destroyed their people throughout history (Let’s not forget: Hitler was a big-government atheist and leftist) and will gladly come right here to America to exact another Holocaust today if we stand stupidly by and let them.

Women who want equality have hocked their safety, their freedom and those of their children for free birth control. This, promised by those who are all about controlling women, and even condoning their abuse and mutilation, while revoking their own right to protect themselves.

Next time your friend at dinner tries to pull the MENSA card on you, give them my REAL IQ test. Maybe it will crack their Stockholm syndrome.

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