During World War II, those who wanted to kill us had modern navies and air forces to transport their modern and well-equipped armies.

However, those enemies couldn’t touch us! Except for one instance of shelling by a Japanese submarine off the coast of California and a comic-opera Japanese attack by a plane that folded up and fit inside a submarine and launched by catapult, America couldn’t show any evidence that anybody was even angry at us. And, oh yes, let’s not forget the eye-widening effort by the Japanese to release balloons laden with explosives from Japan into the air currents that carried those payloads across the Pacific Ocean and into America where they were programmed to come apart like toy umbrellas made of paper and bamboo sticks over the United States, where the Japanese hoped they might hit something. And they did! One of those balloons did, indeed, kill seven children at a Sunday school picnic in America’s Pacific Northwest.

In terms of our mainland, our most modern enemies in that war couldn’t touch us. Today, those who’d like to kill us have no ships and no planes. Yet they have the ways and means to project havoc upon America that would have made Hitler and Tojo gag with envy.

That is a paradox. Paradoxes can entertain. Warnings, not so much.

We Americans have never been in any danger as dire as the kind we’re in right now. I won’t exaggerate that danger just to win your attention. America in the Age of Jihad faces danger unprecedented. September 11 was a fragmentary foretaste.

During World War II, Germany launched a pitiful team of saboteurs by submarine onto the south shore of Long Island. They were spotted getting their gear together right after they got to the beach on their rubber raft. The Nazis paid a passerby coast-watcher $300 to keep his mouth shut. One by one they abandoned their sacred mission for Hitler and rejoined relatives in America.

Do you sense the difference in motivation between those hapless Nazis and the crucifiers and beheaders of ISIS? They wouldn’t have paid hush-money to an American coast-watcher. They’d have taken his head off on the beach. And Uncle Fritz and Aunt Brunhilde would have no chance to enjoy the company of their Nazi relatives until they’d blown up all the trains, bridges and factories on their list.

As this is being written, Border Patrol agents and ranch owners in Arizona are discovering Islamic prayer rugs and English-Arabic and English-Urdu dictionaries along the tearful trail from Mexico into the American heartland. They’re not all “children from Guatemala and Honduras.” Note how many millions of immigrants successfully violate America’s borders hoping to improve their lives. Do you imagine those propelled by religious fanaticism and the lust to kill us all are going to be less successful?

They’re coming. They’re here. And more are on the way!

The first thousand or so ISIS jihadists get a free ride. That’s how many American citizens are thought to be among the crucifiers and beheaders. Show me, please, the weak link in this warning: ISIS aims to kill us. They say so. They’ve proven to be many bad things, but not liars! Jihadists disappointed in al-Qaida and other terrorist groups are flocking into Iraq to join ISIS. The Atlantic Ocean is a poor barrier. And so is America’s southern border. Invasions don’t have to be thousands of ships and landing craft dumping hundreds of thousands of enemy troops onto our shores. How about a few hundred infiltrators taking their assigned positions, not just in Washington, New York and Philadelphia, but in Gaffney, South Carolina, Yadkinville, North Carolina, Tyler, Texas, and Butte, Montana? And, at the appointed time, emptying automatic weapons up and down shopping malls and main streets all across America?

America is the woman who swears to herself she’s going to have a doctor look at the lump in her breast – next week. America is the man who doesn’t think he’s coughing up very much blood but will definitely try a milder brand of cigarettes next time.

Can you imagine ISIS breaking from al-Qaida because it’s “too sissy”? That sounds like the stuff of college humor. No! It’s the stuff of rock-solid intelligence reports. And it brings us down to the Worst-Joke-in-the-World.

Hitler survived! When the defeats of 1942 hit, German engineers built a new Nazi nation under the Antarctic ice cap: the works – farms, factories, laboratories, training camps and a gigantic stadium. Surviving Nazis all over Europe got the word and made their way to their new Antarctic homeland, and on the appointed day, with thousands of cheering, screaming Nazis attending, they overflowed that stadium and jammed together on the rafters. And when Der Fuehrer Adolf Hitler entered that stadium and marched to the podium a cheer erupted that geologists in Australia mistook for an earthquake under the ice!

Hitler was frail, aged, a little bent, but with all that cheering that triumphal gleam reappeared in his eye. After 20 minutes of thunder-love for Der Fuehrer, he motioned for silence and then told his followers, “OK, OK. We’re going to get another chance.

“But just remember,” cautioned Hitler. “This time, no more Mr. Nice Guy!

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