It’s Miller Time!

I’m not talking about Bill O’Reilly’s weekly television guest, Dennis Miller, or the famous beer slogan.

I’m talking constitutional conservative Republican and Alaskan Joe Miller making a strong bid for the U.S. Senate (Aug. 19 primary) with the support of conservative leaders and groups such as Alaska Right to Life, Alaska Republican Assembly, Gun Owners of America, National Association of Gun Rights, Conservative Campaign Committee, Rep. Thomas Massie, Gen. William “Jerry” Boykin (ret.), Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Conservative Patriots Group and others. Miller faces opposition from Republican challengers Attorney General Dan Sullivan and Mead Treadwell.

Miller, the Republican nominee in 2010, made headlines when he was defeated by a write-in campaign by RINO Lisa Murkowski. Both the GOP and Democratic establishment teamed up against Miller, and he suffered a loss. (Treadwell actually admitted to writing in Murkowski on the ballot. For shame.)

But Miller’s back with a vengeance and poised to pull off another upset in the Republican primary, a fact that has even been realized by Alaska Democratic Party Communications Director Zach Fields: “For folks on the ground in Alaska, Miller is actually running a lot better campaign than last time. … And I would say, based on what we know of the unreliable polling in Alaska, he has a very clear chance to win.”

And winning he is! David Cantanese, a columnist for U.S. News and World Report tweeted, “@JoeWMiller is still pretty d–n smooth in a debate.” From the outburst of applause and cheering at the mention of his name from the audience (and their inability to contain their applause throughout the debate) to his uncanny finesse to debate while expertly calling out both the Obama administration and his opponents on a myriad of issues important to American stability, safety and solvency, there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s Miller Time!

Miller is spot on in his policy: 100 percent pro-life, supports gun rights, opposes all forms of amnesty for illegal immigrants, calls for Obama’s impeachment, supports a full repeal on Obamacare, supports balancing the budget and cutting federal spending, and supports traditional marriage. He is the only candidate in this race to receive endorsements from Alaska Right to Life, Gun Owners of America, and the National Association of Gun Rights. That speaks volumes.

Contrast that with Sullivan’s and Treadwell’s support for amnesty – both refusing Miller’s request to sign a pledge taking a stance against amnesty – no call for impeachment and no support for the right to bear arms. Sullivan opposed Stand Your Ground legislation, and Treadwell supports hunting and recreation shooting rights. (Really?)

Joe Miller

Joe Miller

Both candidates supported Murkowski, who repeatedly voted to raise the debt ceiling; both opposed voter ID; both blocked a pro-life initiative on a ballot. And support for traditional families is nowhere in their thinking. Sullivan’s campaign is backed by pro-homosexual activist billionaire Paul Singer, to the tune of $300,000, while Treadwell received accolades and support from the ACLU for adopting regulation that allows people to select whatever gender they want on their driver’s licenses. Talk about an affront to traditional marriage and American families, not to mention the fallout from citizens, employers and business owners who refuse to acknowledge a woman as a man and vice versa. Such distorted policy completely undermines core traditional values that have been the crux of American way of life since its inception.

If ever it were Miller Time, it’s the next seven days.

Conservatives should see this race as a rallying point to be part of a potential upset on Aug. 19 that would rock the Karl Rove establishment and give voice once again to the people right in the belly of the beast in Washington, D.C. Here is an opportunity to support Joe Miller, the true conservative fighting for We the People. We can band together and take this victory home – all the way to D.C. – where Joe Miller can then join the unashamedly conservative ranks of Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee.

It’s time out for spineless establishment politicians who offer the same rhetorical responses to grave issues Americans face. For instance, Sullivan says we can attain bipartisan agreement to handle the debt; we don’t have to shut down the government. Oh, spare me. If that were a reality, we wouldn’t have had to shut down the government! Miller counters that Obama is a dictator, his agenda is fundamentally destroying the American way of life, and no amount of partisanship politics will assuage him for the two years he remains in office. Perhaps afterward partisan politics can be entertained, but not now. Watch the debate below and decide for yourself who deserves to represent the people of Alaska and, ultimately, all Americans.

It’s time out for RINO establishment selling out to Obama’s agenda. Miller defies every sellout aspect of Obama’s agenda. Miller recognizes that we’re dealing with a narcissistic imperialistic dictator.

It’s time out for politicians who support amnesty. Miller is literally taking action with his pledge.

It’s time out for supporters of Obamacare. Miller says, “I’m not here to fix it; I’m here to get rid of it.”

It’s time out for all the lame excuses of RINOs who can’t get with pure and unadulterated conservatism.

It’s time for conservatives nationwide to support Joe Miller in his bid for U.S. Senate.

It’s Miller Time!

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