How have we survived without knowing these life hacks? Example: Did you know that most aluminum foil boxes have press-in tabs on the sides that secure the roll in place when you pull out a sheet? True.


Did you also know that soda can tabs double as straw holders? Here are 18 tips to make your life easier, including fashioning a spoon from a foil lid. And for all you travelers — some great tips here. My favorite? Phone in a cup equals instant speakers!


“Watch out behind you!”

He’s been threatened by organized crime, murderers and drug dealers. Now Pennsylvania Congressman Tom Marino can add to that list the former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who chased down the legislator during a debate on the House floor last week. Was the former prosecutor worried when Minority Leader Pelosi flew across the floor towards him, hurling invectives?

“There are some people in Congress who act like royalty, and it’s an important job for me, but I came from a low, middle class family, I still remember my roots,” Marino explained. “My father was a firefighter and a janitor, and for someone to wag their finger in my face and tell me I’m insignificant – twice! ‘You’re insignificant’ … this is no way to behave. The only two people that get away with wagging their finger in my face are my wife and my mother. And I’m not gonna take this from anyone. I would not do this to anyone.”

Last week was not without its, er … memorable moments on Capitol Hill. This one occurred last Wednesday when South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., also a former prosecutor, grilled Professor Charles Tiefer, a University of Baltimore School of Law professor, on the need for Attorney General Eric Holder to appoint a special counsel for the IRS investigation. Tiefer never stood a chance against the sharp-witted Gowdy, who does not gladly suffer fools, belligerents or prevaricators.

At one point, Gowdy offered the professor some “free litigation advice” when the hapless Democrat law professor proved he was no match for Gowdy’s penetrating inquiry.

A six-minute clip of the exchange quickly went viral, and as of this writing has been viewed nearly 624,000 times. Rep. Gowdy’s Facebook page shows 1,829 comments and has been shared by 3,456 Facebookers.

We figure that deserves a mention in this column! Go Gowdy!

Michael, ma belle?

Oops! Did he just let the cat out of the bag? POTUS Obama referred to his wife during a speech before top military brass as “Michael.”


The Minority Report blog notes, “This short video also shows how transfixed Obama is with his notes or with teleprompters. It appears even more like President Obama doesn’t have a thought of his own but merely parrots what is written for him.”

Watch and see for yourself the preezy’s slip o’ the tongue.

Money men (and women)

Who is the wealthiest person in your state? I know, it’s a question that keeps you tossing and turning at night, right? Well, evidently there are some who do ponder it, and the folks at Movoto, a real estate trends blog, have set about finding the answers.


“According to data from Forbes and Celebrity Net Worth, the wealthiest members of each state did not achieve their fortunes in the same way. They are: Entrepreneurs, Heirs/Heiresses, and Widows,” Movoto explains.

Check out Movoto’s blog post for an interactive version of the map to learn more about these well-off people. You’ll sleep better tonight, I promise.


Imagine that you have just finished your meal at a local restaurant. The server presents you with the check, and you see there’s a 15 percent discount … for giving prayerful thanks for your meal!


That’s what happened when a woman visited a North Carolina restaurant and prayed over her meal before digging in.

The pleasantly stunned customer shared the receipt on her Facebook page, according to HLN.

The Blaze picked up the story and reported that “Mary Haglund, owner of Mary’s Gourmet Diner in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, confirmed the price reduction in an interview with TheBlaze Friday, noting that she’d been offering the prayerful discount for the past four years, without much fanfare.

“For me, every plate of food is a gift,” she explained. “And I never take that for granted and when I see someone in a restaurant honoring their gratefulness at my table … it touches my heart.”

Haglund said she doesn’t advertise the discount and that it’s something her waitstaff does sporadically when they feel moved to do so.

“It’s just a moment or faithfulness about the plate of food,” she said. “It’s not even a policy — it’s [something] we only do when we’re moved to do it.”

Time to toss the TV?

The future of entertainment viewing is here.

Have you tried online streaming entertainment? Last spring, I subscribed to Netflix when a friend insisted I just HAD to watch “House of Cards” (“You will love it!” she said emphatically).

I have rarely turned on my TV since. I can watch online entertainment on my computer, television monitor, iPad, iPhone, anywhere I am, whenever I want, on demand.

Commercial free and less than $8 a month, Netflix’ programming is endless, with new offerings being added constantly. Please don’t mistake this for a plug, but honestly? All the movies, documentaries, drama, series you desire with one click? What’s not to like?

Programming for kids too. Yep. It’s all there. As of now, I’ve watched several series, including all ten seasons of “Grey’s Anatomy”, “North & South”, “Orange is the New Black”, “Revenge”, “The Forsyte Saga”, “Agatha Christie’s Poirot” and am currently watching “Hell On Wheels.” And that’s not including countless movies and documentaries. Too many to name.


But I warn you! Online viewing comes with a price. The commercial-free features and smooth roll-ins to subsequent episodes will absolutely SPOIL you for traditional television watching. And Netflix viewing can become highly addictive, leading to “binge” watching well into the wee hours. Just ask me.

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