(EDUCATION.YAHOO.NET/ARTICLES/LOW_STRESS_JOBS_THAT_CAN_PAY_WELL.HTM?KID=1O2JG) — Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all high-paying jobs come with crushing stress. You can pursue low-stress jobs that offer great salaries.

If you’re giving yourself hives thinking you have to choose between a high-paying, stress-filled job and a low-paying, stress-free job, relax. It is actually possible to find a job with a good salary that isn’t going to make you pull your hair out. So how can you identify these kinds of lower-stress jobs?

“I’d definitely recommend looking at not only specific jobs, but also the perks and benefits associated with those jobs, as a way to reduce stress,” suggests Sara Sutton Fell, CEO and founder of FlexJobs, a site for telecommuting and flexible work. “In addition to a great salary, does the job offer the chance to telecommute or work a flexible schedule? Options like that can help you stress less about commuting to work, finding time for your family, or trying to find better work-life balance.”

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