NEW YORK – An open-borders activist with Barack Obama’s non-profit group Organizing for Action has been embedded in Democrat Wendy Davis’ campaign for governor in Texas.

WND has also obtained video of the OFA activist, Jose Perez, at an OFA training session in California in July calling for the opening of “Ellis Island Stations” in the border states to facilitate a process of providing citizenship to illegal aliens crossing the U.S. southern border with Mexico.

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert shared with WND an unreleased excerpt from his current documentary, “There’s No Place Like Utopia,” of the OFA training session July 27, 2013, in Pacoima, California. It show volunteers in the San Fernando Valley, north of Los Angeles, being trained in skills and strategies.

“We can have a new Ellis Island,” Perez explains in the front of the OFA classroom. “We can have [Ellis Island] stations in the border states, a station in each state.”

Organizing for Action is a nonprofit that advocates for Obama’s political agenda. It’s a successor to the Obama 2012 campaign and Organizing for America, which was operated by the Democratic National Committee.

Several photographs posted on Perez’s Twitter site make it clear he is currently working in Texas on the Democratic Party’s Wendy Davis campaign for governor.

One shows Perez in an office setting looking over the shoulder of a Davis volunteer who apparently is making phone calls from a script.

Jose Perez with Wendy Davis volunteer in San Antonio, Texas

Jose Perez with Wendy Davis volunteer in San Antonio, Texas

Another shows Perez holding a “Go Wendy” sign and waving at traffic on the curb of an unidentified street.

Perez and the Davis campaign did not reply to WND’s requests for comment.

On June 25, 2013, Davis, attired in pink sneakers, stood on the floor of the Texas Senate for 11 hours straight to filibuster against legislation that would prohibit abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The bill was passed with Republican support in the Texas legislature and signed into law by Gov. Rick Perry July 18, 2013. Supporters of the bill determined that Kermit Gosnell’s West Philadelphia “house of horrors” abortion clinic would not be repeated in Texas

On Feb. 11, Davis, as the frontrunner for the Democratic Party nominee for governor, apparently reversed her position. She told the Dallas Morning News editorial board she would support a ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy, provided the law adequately deferred to a woman and her doctor.

“My concern, even in the way the 20-week ban was written in this particular bill, was that it didn’t give enough deference between a woman and her doctor making this difficult decision, and instead tried to legislatively define what it was,” Davis told the newspaper editorial board, trying to distinguish her opposition to Texas SB5 from the position she was taking on the issue that day.

PEREZ w GO WENDY sign Aug 12 2014

Planned Parenthood in Texas has announced a plan to spend $3 million to stimulate Democratic voter turnout in the November election, with the pro-abortion group EMILY’s List contributing $750,000 to the Davis campaign, according to MSNBC.

Jose Perez at Camp OFA training session in Pacoima, California, July 27, 2013

Jose Perez at Camp OFA training session in Pacoima, California, July 27, 2013

Davis, on record supporting the granting of drivers licenses to illegal immigrants as part of an economic platform, is facing a tough election campaign against Republican Attorney General Greg Abbott. Abbott is favored to succeed the retiring Perry in a state where Democrats have not won an election for statewide office since 1994.

On Twitter, Perez has posted a photograph of himself standing with a group of Mi Familia Vota (“My Family Votes”) activists.

Jose Perez with supporters of Mi Familia Vota

Jose Perez with supporters of Mi Familia Vota

According to the group’s website, Mi Familia Vota advocates “providing legal status and citizenship to the 11 million undocumented immigrants living in our country,” contending it “would trigger a significant boost to the U.S. economy over the next 10 years.”

On March 31, Perez, self-identified as an “organizer,” wrote a piece honoring César Chávez:

On Saturday, 10,000-plus marchers walked from the Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center to the Alamo, as part of the 18th annual César E. Chávez March in San Antonio, in honor of the civil rights activist.

César, along with Dolores Huerta and the United Farm Workers, worked tirelessly to assure basic civil rights for the many workers who bring food to our table. Chávez’s historic uphill battle to provide laborers with a fair living wage, safe working conditions, and recognition for their roles in supplying Americans with fresh, affordable food, is one which will be remembered for generations to come.

This year’s march brought together a wide array of community activists, including laborers, students, and many more, all of whom continue to fight for civil rights and equality for all.

Perez noted that at the San Antonio event, Battleground Texas registered voters and informed them “of our efforts to elect Wendy Davis as our next governor.”

PEREZ w OFA sign Aug 12 2014

After a strong premiere in Denver in July, Gilbert’s documentary “There’s No Place Like Utopia” is scheduled to open in Houston over the Labor Day weekend, with nationwide distribution planned for the fall.

Featured in Gilbert’s documentary is commentary from WND staff reporter and author Jerome R. Corsi, WND columnist and author Jack Cashill, conservative author David Horowitz and former KGB officer Konstantin Preobrazhensky.

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