Purported ISIS massacre of captured Iraqi Army troops in June

Purported ISIS massacre of captured Iraqi Army troops in June

WASHINGTON – As Islamic terrorists attempt to massacre as many as 40,000 refugees stranded on a mountain, mostly woman and children, while threatening to kill 50,000 Christians if they don’t convert to Islam and reportedly beheading children, President Obama finally conceded the “potential” for genocide in Iraq, but steadfastly insisted there is “no American military solution” to the crisis.

Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., who is in the Middle East, strongly begged to differ.

“Military power is the only thing they understand. They have to be defeated militarily,” she told WND by phone from Amman, Jordan.

“If diplomacy was going to work, it would have worked a long time ago,” she concluded, in sharp contrast to the president’s claim in a televised address Thursday night that only a political solution can stop the march of the terrorist army called ISIS, while also giving the go-ahead for limited airstrikes in Iraq.

Bachmann insisted that diplomacy can’t work when dealing with fanatics who are going to keep fighting “and beheading children until they achieve their goal, which is to kill every infidel who doesn’t flee or convert to Islam.”

After a Chaldean Christian leader told CNN that ISIS was conducting a genocide of Christians while systematically beheading children, mothers and fathers, raping women and forcing daughters into marriage to Muslims, Bachmann called Islamic supremacism the totalitarianism of our times.

“It is a dark evil,” she said. “Islamic supremacists believe they need to rule the world. And they need to know that isn’t going to happen.”

“We have to realize that ISIS has declared war. They declared war on anyone who is not them.”

Bachmann said it is the duty of our generation to defeat the evil of Islamic supremacism.

“We have the military might to defeat them. But we need to engage the enemy. We have to decide if we have the political will to defeat them.”

Instead, in a news conference Friday, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest doubled-down on the president’s view that only a politically unified Iraq could stop the advance of ISIS.

Bachmann said that misses the point entirely.

“Again, Obama fails to recognize the root cause of what the conflict is about, and it’s not about economic issues or opening up borders. It’s about establishing a global caliphate, Islamic government, and eliminating Israel and the Jewish people themselves,” she said.

The congresswoman said the world has turned toward insanity, “So, we need to have a very strong, vigorous, moral leadership on the world stage, and we don’t see that in the actions of our president. We don’t see him understanding the times, and we don’t see our president knowing what to do.”

She said Obama fails to appreciate that “you can’t stop an army with boxes of food and water drops.” Bachmann had heard he had let U.S. forces “take some shots” at some of the ISIS artillery on Friday, but insisted that would not stop ISIS.

“With all due respect to the president, I don’t think he understands the times,” she said. “I don’t believe he appreciates the motivation of the enemy. And I don’t believe he knows what to do. He is totally on the defensive. ISIS is on offense. The president is on defense. And that is a sure ticket for failure.”

Compounding the issue, she said, is the president’s reluctance to use force.

“It seems as though the president has made a decision that our military is really a humanitarian relief organization. It isn’t. It is meant to defeat evil-doers.”


ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

And those evil-doers believe the president’s passivity is an opportunity, she believes.

“ISIS leader (Abu Bakr) al-Baghdadi, has made an assessment that he has a green light,” Bachmann said.

She describes the 43-year-old as a savvy man with a Ph.D., who was a long-time veteran of al-Qaida in Iraq, and who went on his blitz across Iraq only after taking the measure of Obama.

And he is not alone.

“Every bad actor in the world today takes a look at our president, and they don’t see someone who is going to push back.”

She added, “Whether it is (Russian President Vladimir) Putin, Baghdadi, Hamas, the 70 branches of the Muslim Brotherhood, they’ve all taken the measure of the times. And until there is push-back against these murderous bullies, they are going to act on a level that people haven’t seen.”

WND asked: Should the U.S send ground troops to Iraq or expand airstrikes?

Instead of answering directly, Bachmann surveyed the big picture.

“We need to recognize that it’s ‘game on,'” she said. “It is ‘game on’ for the terrorists.”


Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn.

She suggested the U.S. can’t just employ defensive pinpricks and keep falling back on the hope of diplomacy, because the jihadis are on the march.

“”We cannot win this by diplomacy. We cannot win this with charm. And we have to make a very real decision about whether we are going to defeat them. If we make a decision that we are going to go all in and defeat them, what we have to do is not conduct a war in a way that we did in Iraq and Afghanistan, where we limited ourselves with our rules of engagement.”

Bachmann said now is the time to act, because, while the U.S remains the world’s superpower, it’s a privileged position, one that we may not always have, so we need to use the opportunity we have now, to defeat jihadis.

Iran may have the atomic bomb very soon, the congresswoman warned.

“If we have a nuclear-powered terrorist state, we should have no doubt they will use that power to get whatever they want, and they will use it against the West. I firmly believe that. They will use a nuclear weapon against our ally Israel and against the United States.”

In fact, Israeli Prime Minister recently warned Americans about the imminent danger of Iran’s attempt to build an ICBM (intercontinental ballistic missile), saying, “They’re not developing it for us. They’ve got missiles that can reach Israel. They’re developing it to reach you! And those missiles … have only one purpose: a nuclear payload.”

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