140801antisemitismMichael Savage

Dr. Savage warned his listeners that the blatant anti-Semitism currently raging in Europe could be coming to America.

“A café in Belgium has placed a sign in its window barring Jews from entering,” he reported. “This is happening in the modern age, in the year 2014. This is what Muslims have brought to Europe.”

Savage added, “This is what Muslims will bring to America if Obama is allowed to bring his cousins in” (Free audio).

After all, he continued, the president is a Muslim, at least by birth.

“Both his biological father and adoptive father were Muslims,” Savage noted. Under those circumstances, “It doesn’t mean someone is a terrorist; it just means that you’re a Muslim.”

Dr. Savage mocked the president for praising Islam’s “contributions” to “the fabric of our nation,” during an address commemorating the holiday of Eid.

“I didn’t know George Washington had a prayer rug,” said Savage sarcastically.

“Maybe that’s what Obama learned in Indonesia, that Muslims built America. That’s your president. Now you understand why the world is in turmoil” (Free audio).

Rush Limbaugh

President Obama “is really trying to goad the House Republicans into impeaching him,” Rush Limbaugh declared this week.

Limbaugh noted he happened to see a headline on CNN that stated, “GOP wants to impeach Obama.”

He said, “CNN and other drive-by media are going to report this – not as something Obama is trying to make happen – they’re going to report this as something the Republicans want to happen so that they get creamed by it even if they do nothing. Remember, there is no journalism anymore. There is only advocacy disguised as the news.”

Limbaugh also said that the Republicans’ lawsuit against the president “could be a disaster.”

“They’re suing him for not enforcing the law,” the radio host pointed out. “What is the law that he hasn’t enforced? Well, the big one’s Obamacare. So it could be said that the Republicans are suing so that Obama will fully implement Obamacare. Is that what we want?” (Free audio).

Aaron Klein

Klein grilled Hatem Bazian, chairman of the American Muslims for Palestine. This group is behind the virulently anti-Israel demonstrations that have been held across the U.S. in recent weeks.

Klein also explained how John Kerry’s “cease-fire” agreements actually favor Hamas by putting Israel’s security at risk. Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-Okla., told Klein and his audience that the president is using the current Middle East crisis to raise money for a very unlikely cause. Aaron Klein also presents evidence that that surge of illegals was in fact orchestrated by the administration (Free audio).

Mark Levin

Mark Levin’s special guest this week was Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of the founder of Hamas. According to him, Hamas doesn’t just want to destroy the state of Israel, a goal explicitly declared in the group’s charter; it wants to establish a global Muslim caliphate.

Yousef also confirms that Hamas is prepared to kill as many Palestinians as it takes to garner sympathy for their cause (Free audio).

As far as illegal immigrants are concerned, Levin has a simple solution: “Turn ’em around, kick ’em in the ass and send ’em home” (Free audio).

Laura Ingraham

Is Laura Ingraham considering a career switch, from broadcasting to electoral politics?

This week, the radio talk show host told Real Clear Politics, “I’ve been approached by various people to get involved. I’m keeping an open mind about running for office in the future.”

As reporter Jon Terbush noted, that’s “a pretty standard answer for someone gauging interest in a potential bid, so we’ll see how this plays out.”

In the meantime, Ingraham continues her efforts to get others elected. She’s recorded a robocall in support of challenger Rep. Joe Carr, who is running against Tennessee’s incumbent senator, Lamar Alexander.

“You currently have hundreds of illegal aliens being dumped into Tennessee,” she says in the recording, “and Lamar Alexander, your current senator, has done nothing about it. In fact, Lamar voted for the Senate Amnesty bill, which is part of the reason people are coming to this country illegally today” (Free audio).

Glenn Beck

“The birther thing is over, the black thing is over, so now … [Obama] needs to be able to call for justice.”

Echoing the thoughts of many other conservative pundits, Glenn Beck says the president is actually stoking impeachment rumors, in order to generate support from his base by positioning himself as an underdog who is being attacked.

Beck, who called for Obama’s impeachment last year, now cautions his audience.

“Do you think anyone in Washington in the GOP is serious about impeachment? Do you think one person? Have you spoken to one person? Not one. So who wants it? The president does. Because then he’ll be able to say, ‘I demand justice.'”

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