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Instead of welcoming crisis as “opportunity,” as some on his team trumpeted back in 2009, Barack Obama is off on vacation, leaving his critics far more “opportunity” to open fire over the crises burning in Western Africa, Iraq, Israel, Ukraine and Ferguson, Missouri, to name a few.

One former Secret Service agent who protected Obama and is now running as a Republican candidate for Congress believes the president’s policies and behavior illustrate why Americans increasingly disapprove of how the president handles his crises.

“He’s President Chaos,” said Dan Bongino, a candidate in Maryland’s Sixth Congressional District and the author of the New York Times bestseller, “Life Inside the Bubble.” “This guy cannot get out of his own way. And the problem is we’re paying for it.

“Clinton and Bush understood they needed a contrarian view, and that sometimes you were going to have to take a short-term loss on some things,” Bongino told WND. “President Clinton, for example, cut the capital gains rate. There was welfare reform. These weren’t things he thought of; these were things that were largely conservative ideas that he understood he had to back away on.”

Bongino believes Obama, on the other hand, was unprepared to be president and is now reaping the results.

“This is like giving a teenager the keys to a Dodge Viper when they’ve never driven a golf cart,” he said, the president’s proclivity for golfing on his vacations aside. “It’s either his or Valerie Jarrett’s way, or it’s the highway.”

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Dan Bongino

Dan Bongino

The media, Bongino believes, have protected Obama almost to the degree he did as a Secret Service agent. Bongino mocked the media for parroting Obama’s complaints about Washington being “broken” and blaming others for the gridlock, despite being the highest-ranking official in town.

“It’s like the D.C. puppetmaster complaining about the puppet show, ‘Man, this show sucks,’” Bongino said. “Yeah, but you run the show!”

Bongino believes that while Americans have largely been patient with the president, they have a limit, and it only lasts as long as they feel secure.

“If there’s one thing that all Americans agree on regardless of their political stripes, is they hate chaos, whether it’s been health care, foreign policy,” Bongino told WND. “But what Obama does best is chaos, and the American people hate it.”

In fact, according to the most recent WSJ/NBC poll, Obama has hit his lowest level yet with the American people, with only 40 percent approving of the job he’s doing.

Speaking to NBC about the poll he conducted, pollster Peter Hart said, “We’re in the summer of our discontent. Americans are cranky, unhappy … with everything going on in the world.”

Get Dan Bongino's amazing inside look at life in the White House, "Life Inside the Bubble: Why a Top-Ranked Secret Service Agent Walked Away from It All," from the WND Superstore now!

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