“Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red”

A river of red poppies commemorating the 100th anniversary of Britain’s involvement in World War I surround England’s Tower of London. Exactly 888,246 ceramic poppies, designed by artist Paul Cummins and stage designer Tom Piper, are being placed by volunteers, each poppy representing a British or colonial military fatality.


The poppies will continue to be placed during the summer, filling the Tower’s dry moat. There’s more about the project at the Historic Royal Palaces website. And you can watch volunteers’ progress by following the #TowerPoppies hashtag on Twitter.


The write stuff

New York’s Brooklyn Bridge recently was in the news when a pair of American flags that fly atop it were mysteriously replaced with white flags. The culprits have yet to be found. The Brooklyn Bridge is the topic of conversation again – this time in letters. To be precise, typographic letters from artist and typographer Cameron Moll.

Colossal, an art, design and visual website, blogged: “Designer Cameron Moll recently announced a new Kickstarter for a letterpress print of the Brooklyn Bridge constructed entirely from typography. Moll worked entirely in Adobe Illustrator to draw the artwork, and while some sections can be copied and pasted, roughly 70-80% of the characters in the artwork were positioned, sized, and rotated one by one. To give you an idea of what the final piece will look like you can see two similar works the designer previously designed, Colosseo and Salt Lake. See more over on Kickstarter.”




Simply “marbleous!”

It’s difficult to imagine the patience and skill, not to mention the inordinate talent it would take to create these miniature medieval works of art carved into raw marble. You’ll be awed by the masterpieces artist Matthew Simmonds has created from blocks of marble and limestone. Here’s a peek. More here.


World History

How smart you are about world affairs? Here are ten questions quizzing you on your global history acumen. I scored 7 out of 10. How will you do?

May “The Force” be with you!

I love this little guy. Evidently many others do too, with more than 60 million views of this pint-sized Darth Vader who discovers his powers in “The Force,” an award-winning commercial that first aired during the 2011 Super Bowl game. Who can forget the little pint-sized Darth Vader who surprised himself when he discovered his “Force”?

Adweek reports that “The Force,” a commercial for Volkswagen Passat, has just been eclipsed as the most shared ad for three years running. The new “force”?

As of Tuesday morning, the Activia spot, titled “La La La (Brazil 2014),” has been shared 5,409,192 times across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere, according to Unruly Media.

Ooooh, baby

Singer Katy Perry makes music to soothe the savage beast. OK, maybe not so much a beast as a cranky kidlet! Watch this video to see how a very unhappy baby girl reacted to the sound of Perry’s hit “Dark Horse.” Published Aug. 4, the vid has been viewed more than 16 million times! Watch to see why:

While we’re thinking of it, remember this little 10-month old with so much empathy, she cried when her mama sang to her? Number of views since it went up on YouTube last October? Thirty-three million!

Tootin’ till the cows come home!

Joshua’s horn blowing at the walls of Jericho wasn’t the only blast that attracted world attention. Turns out Kansas cattle farmer Derek Klingenberg’s horn is a story being told – and heard – around the globe too.

Though not biblical in nature, it is a story born on August 4th by horn blowing farmer Derek Klingenberg on his Facebook pageWhat Does the Farmer Say?”

“Yesterday morning I went out to film myself calling in cattle with my trombone,” he wrote. “I’ve been going out there the past week to ‘cube’ the cattle. We feed them a treat so it is easier to gather them when we round them up later this week. For fun I played my trombone to help call the cattle in from long distance.

“I left very early in the morning,” he continued. “There is something wonderful about playing a trombone in the middle of a prairie to 380 heifers. I must say I had no idea that the video would be such a hit. Today I was contacted by CNN, GMA, Fuji TV in Japan, the Today Show, and much more. I know for sure that it will be played on the Today show in the morning. I am happy to share with the world the beauty of the Kansas Flint Hills.”

His hilarious video “mooooved” us along with viewers of the Ellen Show, CBS’ Inside Edition, FOX’s The Five, and dozens of local news channels who aired the “moosical.” It was also featured internationally, including newspapers in Germany, Brazil and Spain.

The cattle rancher has a couple of other YouTube farmyard favorites he suggested.

“Check out the Peterson Farm Bros new parody ‘All I do is farm!’ The girls and I are featured in this.”


And “Do You Want to Drive My Tractor?” a parody of the Disney song “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” from the movie “Frozen.”

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