Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Worldwide news coverage of America’s porous southern border, says Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, has effectively tipped off terrorists on exactly how to get enter the U.S. undetected.

“The border is still not secure and probably never will be 100-percent secure,” Arpaio told WND in an exclusive interview. “I’ve been working there 34 years on both sides, and anything can happen. Anybody can cross that border, whether they’re Central American, Middle Eastern or terrorist.”

Arpaio confirmed he’s seen Middle Eastern illegal immigrants pass from Mexico through his Maricopa County area, and he’s worried constant television coverage of how easy it is may inspire terrorists from Middle Eastern countries to follow suit.

“Why would it be surprising when you have a 2,000-mile border and people are coming across all the time?” he asked.

“The national media is always talking about the border, and people in the Middle East have televisions,” Arpaio told WND. “People listen to the media.”

Arpaio pointed out that efforts to stop the terrorist threat along America’s southern border face two major obstacles: Mexican and Central American governments that can’t keep track of who is moving through their territory and a U.S. government that apparently has the same problem.

“All those people who came in from Central America, how do we know who they are? What’s [in] their records? Those countries aren’t very good at keeping records, you know,” Arpaio said. “How do you know all those people who came across, flooding our country, how do you know they’re not part of terrorist groups? [Central American nations] can’t keep track of them.”

Yet Arpaio doesn’t have much faith in the U.S. government to do any better.

“Where was the CIA and the U.S. ambassador, the embassy, how come they didn’t know 30-40,000 [illegal minors] were coming in? They should have known about it. Why didn’t they do anything about it?” Arpaio asked. “Where’s our intelligence to show all these young people were coming into the United States?

“We did a survey of the people in [our] jail, about 3,000 that we looked at for all different types of crimes,” Arpaio related. “They’re all here illegally, so we turned them over to [Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE] to be deported, and yet, they keep coming back on crimes. How do they keep coming back when you give them to ICE?

“Either they have been deported and they keep coming across the border, or they’re let out the back door, back on to the streets,” he posited. “[U.S. authorities] can’t even keep track of them, and these are criminals! Sex violators and everything else that we turn over and they keep coming back to jail again.

“We’re not too good at keeping track of these illegal aliens,” Arpaio concluded. “The whole system is broken. So, you think somebody from the Middle East can’t come across the door? C’mon.”

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