The European Court of Justice is not European; it is not a Court; and its conduct is the very antithesis of Justice. It has ruled, outrageously, that the European tyranny-by-clerk may lawfully suppress political criticism of its institutions and of its unelected Kommissars, the faceless ones who now table five laws in six for the 30 member-states.

Twenty years ago, Bernard Connolly, a British economist, took leave of absence from his job setting EU monetary policy and wrote a book, “The Rotten Heart of Europe,” exposing the corruption with which that dismal entity is riddled.

He never returned to his job. The corrupt EU routinely sacks whistleblowers: Bernard Connolly was neither the first nor the last. Its own auditors have refused, for 19 years on the trot, to sign of the EU’s “accounts” as representing a true and fair view of how the EU spends the billions it gets from the member-states.

Yet my merely revealing that fact to you is now a punishable offense in the eyes of the flatulent old fossils from the governing elite of many once-free European nations who constitute the “European” “Court” of “Justice.”

They described the book as “aggressive, derogatory, and insulting.” One of the trembling, incontinent nitwits on the Bench even went so far as to say it was “blasphemous.” The word they were looking for, a word with which they are admittedly unfamiliar, is “true.” The book was true.

For a powerful reason that I shall now explain, the objectionable and sinister decision of the Kangaroo Court of Injustice to prevent the truth being told ought to matter to every red-blooded son of liberty everywhere, and especially in the United States. The First Amendment to your magnificent Constitution says this:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

Note how carefully the amendment is framed. There is no mere bilious declaration that freedom of speech is a good thing. Instead, Congress is debarred from making any law whatsoever that in any way limits freedom of speech.

If a public official in the United States speaks out against the administration – which usually happens when public officials, nearly all of whom are on the left, attack Republican administrations – he or she cannot be silenced by any law.

For the presumption is that, whatever an official’s contract may say in denial of his right to say what he thinks, that contract cannot in that respect be upheld because, if it were upheld, then the laws passed by Congress governing the making of contracts would in that respect constitute laws abridging the freedom of speech.

Or, at least, the Constitution provides some basis for making such an argument.

In Britain, however, we have no written Constitution. So we have no protection against the European Marsupial Monstrosity, now that it has taken away our freedom of speech.

All of this has happened in Europe before. In the 1930s the Nazi Party gradually consolidated its baneful grip on power by ever more tightly circumscribing freedom of speech.

Now it is happening all over again, but this time Europe-wide. And, just as in the 1930s, so in the 2010s, the forces of cringing appeasement will ensure that virtually no complaint is made about the abrupt ending of free speech on our continent.

Not a word of this judgment will be mentioned by the unspeakable BBC. Apart from the Daily Telegraph, virtually no other news medium will even report it, let alone challenge it. The governing elite, and the pressmen who fawn upon it, has fallen out of love with democracy.

Why should this matter to the United States?

One very good reason. Advisers from the EU are helping the United Nations to grab sovereign power from almost 200 nations unwise enough to have signed up to the U.N. Framework Convention on the Non-Problem of Climate Change.

The U.N.’s first attempt at setting up a world “government” failed just five years ago in Copenhagen. It had planned another coup-by-stealth to be brought forward at the annual climate-change blubfest in Paris in December next year.

Now, however, Ban Ki-Moon, the grasping profiteer of doom who is the U.N.’s nominal figurehead, has summoned a summit of world “leaders” at the U.N.’s headquarters in New York Sept. 23.

At that summit, which most heads of government will attend (for they cannot resist the opportunity of strutting and fretting their hour upon the world stage), the U.N. will demand an urgent acceleration of the timetable for tyranny.

By this tactic, it hopes to catch lovers of freedom by surprise. It knows full well that once Mr. Obama, its rubber stamp in the White House, is no longer in post it will find the United States unwilling to consent to a global tyranny of the Small and the Bad.

The EU advisers have been telling the U.N. secretary-general that the process of annual agreements by which individual states have already signed away much of their sovereignty and independence has now gone far enough for the final stage to be achieved without anyone really fighting back.

The one thing neither the EU nor the U.N. has sufficiently understood is the wisdom and prescience of your Founding Fathers. Mr. Obama may mark his “X” on the draft world-government treaty (it won’t be called that, of course, but that is what it will be). But unless two-thirds of the Senate can be persuaded to ratify it, it will not pass.

Of course, the climate communists will bide their time until there is a communist (er, “Democratic”) majority in the Senate and a “Democrat” in the White House. Then, they hope, they will be able to sign your democracy away forever, just as John Major signed ours away when he forced the House of Commons to agree to the Treaty of Maastricht.

Just one problem with that. Only one or two more years with no global warming will be enough to kill the climate scare and extinguish the U.N.’s excuse for saving us from ourselves – at our expense, of course – with the first-ever global tyranny.

Freedom may yet survive. But it will be a close-run thing.

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