I’ve been thinking about the kids from Central America making their way up to the states, riding on top of killer trains, being victimized by predators, facing hunger and thirst along the way.

I do feel compassion for those kids in search of a better life.

We’re told they are escaping a war zone.

I don’t doubt things are miserable where they come from – certainly in comparison to Texas or San Diego. But is it the worst place on earth?

What about the kids in Gaza?

They grow up indoctrinated into Jew hate.

They see their relatives digging miles of tunnels designed to infiltrate neighboring Israel.

They watch their parents firing missiles into neighboring Israel.

Then they hear the artillery and bombs fall in their neighborhoods.

Where do these kids go?

If they had any sense, they would get into those tunnels when their parents weren’t watching and flee to the Jewish state. But all they’ve heard about Israel throughout their lives is that it’s an illegitimate country that somehow oppresses them.

So they remain in the war zone – a real war zone, where people are dying daily. They’re dying, by the way, not just because of the response of the Israeli military to the barrage of rocket attacks. Some of these kids witness their own family members being executed for being “collaborators” or “suspected collaborators” or perhaps just as those not zealous enough about being used as human shields for Hamas.

What about the kids of Gaza?

Who thinks about them?

Who rescues them?

Where do they go?

Does anyone even care?

They have nowhere to go.

Does anyone even consider bringing them to the U.S. or some other compassionate place?

Or are they too valuable as human shields for terrorists?

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What if they knew that hated neighbor of theirs actually provides Arabs like them more freedom than any other Arab country in the Middle East?

Would they seek refuge?

Would they believe it after all the lies they’ve been told?

Isn’t raising children in hate a form of child abuse?

Isn’t using them as pawns and human shields against a neighbor provoked to defend itself the height of immorality?

It’s strange to me that no one gives these kids a second thought.

Where are the children’s advocates when it comes to the Gaza kids?

They are little more than captives of monsters hell-bent on death and destruction and murder and suicide.

What about the kids of Gaza?

The good life of safety, security, prosperity and freedom is just a few miles away in a country they are taught to despise.

There are no trains to climb aboard to escape.

They can’t even flee to Egypt. A huge wall was built between Gaza and Egypt, paid for by U.S. taxpayers, to guard its border – even as American taxpayers are left without any walls to protect them from foreigners.

Barack Obama doesn’t send any invitations to the children of Gaza, luring them to leave their war zone for the promise of a better life.

Nobody does.

Nobody considers the plight of the children of Gaza.

Nobody cares.

Nobody gives them a second thought.

They’re trapped in Hamas hell.

What’s to become of them? Who cares for the children of Gaza?

Or the children of Hezbollah? Or the children of Iran? Or the children of Iraq?

Where are their railways to peace, justice and freedom?

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