While some Democratic Party pollsters are suggesting it’s time to dump the “war on women” rhetoric that helped defeat Mitt Romney in 2012, three conservative women in the media are waging a campaign to bury the term, which they call a “smoke monster – a diversionary tactic used by Democrats and the media to instill fear and distrust.”

“[Saying] ‘Republicans are waging a war on women’ actually doesn’t test very well,” said Democratic pollster Celinda Lake. “Women find it divisive, political – they don’t like it.”

That’s just fine with Hollywood star Morgan Brittany, radio talk-show host Dr. Gina Loudon, who both have worked at Politichicks, and Ann-Marie Murrell, editor-in-chief of Politichicks.com, authors of the new book, “What Women Really Want.”

“The lying feminists are behind the fabled ‘war on women’ theme, projecting their own insecurities and failed ambition aggression on those they see as successful, and happy,” said Loudon, who holds a Ph.D in psychology. “This is classic projection or, put more simply, blaming others for your own failures and problems. Their objectives include trying to keep oppressed groups down; control those who can’t, or won’t, think for themselves; delegitimize (or eliminate) anyone who might expose the truth.”

The eponymous host of “Smart Life with Dr. Gina” continued, noting, “They use a contrived narrative to manipulate those they believe are either too self interested to see the truth, or too weak minded to know. They sell out women for a dangerous, misogynistic movement that they have used to institutionalize their own bigotry in colleges across the country. Then there are the anti-First Amendment fascists who want to make Americans afraid to state simple truths.”

Brittany, a film, television, and stage actress since the age of 6, best known for playing Katherine Wentworth in “Dallas,” wrote this about the “war on women” in “What Women Really Want”:

“So, the leftists in this country want to take away our ammo? Let’s take away theirs! If we can load up our side with more and more amazing women and find one to run for president, they won’t be able to use the ‘war on women’ mantra anymore. Let them trivialize women and only talk about how much the government can do for them. Let them label women as victims because no one wants to pay for their birth control or abortions. Let them whine about how women don’t receive equal opportunity and equal pay. We don’t whine! We don’t look for handouts and entitlements from the government. Let Julia, from Barack Obama’s ‘Life of Julia’ video, be their representative woman. We will take Lady Liberty!”

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Loudon says the “war on women” mantra is really about keeping women voting against their own interests.

“This play (creating crisis, pointing fingers, excusing real crisis) is the No. 1 play in the statist playbook to perpetuate the mythological war on women.”

So what do women really want? According to the authors, the priorities are no surprise, but they are being sold a bill of goods as to how to achieve them:

  • Women who want good schools for their kids and safe neighborhoods are voting for Democrats sold out to the teachers unions and the police unions.
  • Women who want equality have hocked their safety, their freedom and those of their children for free birth control. This, promised by those who are all about controlling women, and even condoning their abuse and mutilation, while revoking their own right to protect themselves.
  • Women who understand what freedom is conceptually, and where it comes from, are not fooled by the lies of those who would oppress them with their phony “war on women” slogan.

While the three ladies take umbrage with the “smoke monster” known as the “war on women,” all agree there exists a war being waged on “all-things-conservative.”

Murrell said she, along with Brittany and Loudon, stand, “On the firing line of the War on Conservative Men, Women, and Children (WCWMC).”

These include:

  • Conservatives in Hollywood: Anyone who professes to being even slightly conservative (and/or Christian) not only runs the risk of losing their job but also being publicly attacked on social media. While they profess to being against all forms of McCarthyism, they have no problem firing (and/or not hiring) conservatives.
  • Minorities: If you are a conservative black man or woman, you will be attacked – viciously – and called names like “Uncle Tom” and worse. You will be shunned from those in your race simply because you disagree with them politically.
  • Women and Children: Since 2008, leftists proved they have zero shame when it comes to attacking women and their children – including infants with Down Syndrome. Sarah Palin and her family have been relentlessly and continuously mocked and ridiculed, and the same has happened to Rep. Michele Bachmann and basically every woman on the right.

“The only thing the left isn’t discriminatory about is their overall hatred for all right-leaning men, women, and children of every race and ethnicity,” says Murrell. “In this way, the left is very much like Islamic jihadists regarding an infidel: If you lean right, they hate you and want to destroy you simply because you exist.”

The book is getting significant advance praise from conservative icons:

  • Glenn Beck: “The real war on women is the left telling them what to think, what to wear and what to do. ‘What Women Really Want’ is a passionate plea against feminism written by three courageous and determined ladies who are on the front lines fighting for freedom, faith and family.
  • Allen West: “Ann Marie, Morgan and Dr. Gina are modern-day women of Sparta, possessing the impeccable strength, honor and conviction to stand valiantly in defense of this country. In ‘What Women Really Want,’ these conservative heroines articulate the real ‘war on women,’ the lies of progressive socialists. The constitutional republic known as America will survive as long as courageous women guard her dignity and character. Ann Marie, Morgan and Dr. Gina are such women, their book is a must read, a needed prescription, and I gratefully stand with them.”
  • Neil Cavuto: “It appears what women really want is an overweight guy with a fine mind. Who knew? And who knew that really wasn’t and isn’t what this incredible book is about. (Pity). It’s about a call to arms and common sense. Take it from these beauties; they see the beast. Do you? Read … and learn … before it’s too late.”
  • Michelle Malkin: “This book is exactly what freedom-loving women need. Dr. Gina, Morgan and Ann-Marie speak truth to liberal feminist power. Their weapons in the fight to take back America: facts, faith, humor and good old-fashioned common sense. You go, gals!”
  • Sean Hannity: “This is a must-read for anyone who loves freedom, and wants to pass on that legacy of freedom to their children.”

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