Having drunk deeply of the far left’s Kool-Aid decades ago, I understand and appreciate the spiritual and moral darkness that defines its ideology and its actions.

However, there is one thing I truly admire about the left – the way it fights for what it believes unceasingly, relentlessly, with reckless abandon and total commitment for the long haul.

Few on the right do, even though their cause – liberty and justice – is worth the fight.

Take, for example, the issue of impeachment: Republicans in Congress have reacted to a president shredding the Constitution and gloating about by dismissing the only constitutional remedy out of hand. Instead, they impotently filed a lawsuit against Barack Obama. A lawsuit!

The Constitution clearly defines the Congress as the most powerful branch of government. Why would the most powerful branch of government have to persuade the least powerful branch of government – the judiciary – to rein in the second most powerful branch? Does that make sense?

There’s a clear and well-defined solution to a president who exceeds his authority – impeachment.

By the way, whether the impeachment results in a conviction in the Senate is immaterial to the duty of those in the House who recognize the gravity of the offenses. It should not even be a consideration. There is no plea-bargaining with a criminal president. He needs to be removed from office. Even if it is not politically expedient, those who witness the crime and who have sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution are duty bound to take the only appropriate action.

If the Senate doesn’t convict and remove the rogue president from office, shame on the Senate. We saw that in 1998 and 1999, the last time a president was impeached. But doesn’t anyone doubt for even a minute that impeachment affected the next election in which Bill Clinton’s vice president, Al Gore, narrowly lost his bid as his successor?

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What if Newt Gingrich had decided not to impeach Clinton but merely to sue him? I think Clinton and Gore would have keeled over in laughter. There’s not a doubt in my mind “global warming” zealot Gore would have won the presidency in 2000.

Even an impeachment that does not result in a conviction has serious consequences. When presidential crimes are committed and do not receive a serious and appropriate response, the executive branch will act continue with impunity – probably raising the stakes.

It’s frustrating and demoralizing the way the right so feebly and timidly goes about its business. It’s been going on for a long time. With Obama, it’s been de rigueur since he first ran for the presidency. Remember all the questions about his constitutional eligibility? What did so many on the right say? “It’s a distraction from the issues,” they said. “Let’s expose his bad ideas to the public rather than debate something as arcane as what the Constitution means by ‘natural born citizen.'” Remember that argument? Well, how did it all work out with the exposés of Obama’s bad ideas?

That’s not the way the left fights.

It fights on all fronts. And it clearly works.

The right doesn’t seem to have the stomach for it.

Just like the eligibility issue was labeled a “distraction,” now impeachment is labeled that way.

Why is focusing on constitutional remedies to constitutional problems always a “distraction,” but lawsuits are not? Can someone explain that to me? Is it because one challenge could actually be effective while another can’t?

Let me tell you the next excuse the right will have for not seeking impeachment. They’ll soon say it’s so late in Obama’s second and final term that there’s little point to beginning the protracted process. To that I point out the date today – Aug. 6, 2014. It’s more than 29 months before Obama is scheduled to leave office in January 2017.

Do you know when the left forced the resignation of Richard Nixon? Aug. 9, 1974. The 40th anniversary is approaching in three days. To put that in perspective, barring impeachment, the time Obama has remaining in office as of this Saturday is the full term of office of President Gerald Ford.

The other argument the right will make for taking no meaningful action against Obama is that to do so would be “divisive.”

I’ll tell you honestly there is something much worse for the future of our country than division – and that is dysfunction.

When our elected leaders are unaccountable to the people and the rule of law, we no longer have constitutional checks and balances in place. That results in total dysfunctionality. The abuses we see perpetrated by elected officials today will be repeated in the future on a far grander scale with no fear of culpability. In fact, they will become the norm.

The left keeps on pushing.

The right keeps on yielding.

Where do you suppose our country winds up?

I hate the left’s agenda, but I sure admire its tenacity and its perseverance.

Sign the petition urging Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against President Barack Obama NOW

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