If you are a fan of BO, you are probably wondering, “Really? It could get better than this?”

Now, I know that’s hard to believe. But if you are a criminal fleeing the cops in your own country, you’d really have to wonder how things could get any better. You’ve escaped justice in your own country. You were helped across the U.S. border by our border police. Then you were shipped to lavish digs that you don’t have to pay for, where you can contemplate a free education, free housing, free health care, or simply a return to your old way of life. And the president of the United States has ordered it all! “No, man – you’re wrong. It can’t get any better than this!”

If you are a high government official – take that any way you want – you are probably wondering, “Really? It could get better? Wow!” You were appointed because of your loyalty, not your competence. You don’t actually have to run the agency – others get paid to do that. All you have to do is wait for the phone call. “Hey, it’s Barack. I want this to happen. …”

Yeah, it’s illegal – but if you cared about that you wouldn’t have taken a job in this administration. Besides, the chances of being caught – by the press or the people – are very small. Whistleblowers get crushed. The DOJ is being run by a bigger crook than you. And in the unlikely event you are caught, you simply destroy the evidence! “A bonus? Wow. Thank you, Sir! Have you got a job for my brother?”

Perhaps you are a foreign leader expanding your empire. The United States is teetering on the brink of economic and political insolvency due to corruption and vote buying by incumbents. The military has been purged of officers who took their oath of office seriously and could actually fight a war. The U.S. population no longer cares what happens overseas, just “give me more free stuff!”

“Well, it could always get better, but it’s pretty good. …”

Or perhaps you are a member of the Religion of Peace, busy hacking your neighbors to death for being of the wrong faith. “Well, yeah … it could get better. Obama could come out as one of us – but it’s pretty good right now!”

If you’re a company that does lots of business with the government – you pay your kickbacks, campaign for the party in power – yeah, it’s pretty good. “I suppose maybe a nice, fat, no-bid contract …”

What if you are an inner-city mother watching your child playing out in the front yard. You hear tires squeal … gunshots … and your daughter’s dead body lies on the sidewalk where a moment ago she was playing. Rival gangs have settled a dispute. Now its on to the next one. Could it get any better? “Well, at least we have a black man in the White House. Maybe he’ll finally do something for us!”

What happens when lawlessness reaches critical mass?

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