Just look at them. Mr Obama, who would be the most powerful man in the world if he had the faintest idea how to govern, is a shambling amateur. His embarrassing and elementary mistakes – from Benghazigate via his bogus “birth certificate” to his war on coal and his naïve declarations of belief in the apocalyptic exaggerations of a handful of climate communists.

Then there’s John Kerry, in an Arab League of his own. He knows nothing about the Palestinian question. If he had known something about it, he would never have decided to hold negotiations with Qatar and Turkey, two known allies of Hamas, behind the back not only of Egypt but – bizarrely – even of the Palestinian Authority itself.

Anyone who knows the Middle East knows that the Arabs are a courtly race who set great store by politeness and hospitality. Yet Kerry, without having had the common decency or common sense to let Egypt and Palestine know what he was up to, tried to undermine an Egyptian peace plan that had strong support within Palestine itself.

As Charles Krauthammer has pointed out, “Kerry did not just trample an Egyptian initiative. It was backed by the entire Arab League and specifically praised by Saudi Arabia. With the exception of Qatar – more a bank than a country – the Arabs are unanimous in wanting to see Hamas weakened, if not overthrown.”

It was Hamas that started the current war between Israel and Palestine. The cease-fire supported by the Arab League would have ensured that Hamas gained nothing by its aggression. Instead, Kerry – perhaps the most empty-headed secretary of state the U.S. has ever had – came back from Paris having granted everything Hamas wanted, and quite a few things it had not even asked for. Kerry even provided cash to pay the 43,000 government workers in Gaza.

At root, Hamas remains an extremist, terrorist organization. Hamas’ radicalism ever since it seized Gaza in 2007 has alienated nearly all of its Arab neighbors. Even Syria, which had previously given Hamas a home, now opposes it.

Kerry did everything he could to support the thuggish terrorist organization that is near-solely responsible for the present conflict, putting the United States not only at odds with the rest of the Arab world but at odds with Israel, too.

A professional would have known that the only acceptable justification for pursuing a foreign policy that is unpopular with just about everyone is that the policy is morally right. Yet Kerry the Amateur is pursuing a policy that is not only near-universally and deservedly unpopular but is also morally repugnant.

What Kerry and Obama, amateurs both, have failed to grasp is that they are increasingly seen round the world as backing Islamist extremism of the sort Hamas embodies, just at the moment when most Arab nations have themselves realized the grave threat posed to them by the observable fact that very nearly all terrorist acts in the past couple of decades were carried out by fanatics in the name of Islam – and, until recently, with at least tacit support from many Arab nations.

Just at the moment when the Arabosphere itself has woken up to the fact that it has even more to lose than the West has by condoning Islamist terror, Kerry stumbles in with all the diplomatic credibility of Jar-Jar Binks and backs the terrorists.

His untimely, unwelcome and characteristically catastrophic intervention occurred either because he is wicked or because he is amateur, or both.

What should we do to prevent the Obamas and Kerrys of this world from ever holding public office again? The first step is to make sure that no candidate for the House or the Senate, still less for the Cabinet and still less again for the presidency, is allowed to enter upon office unless and until he or she has gone through exactly the same identity and E-Verify checks the White House and congressional janitors must pass.

That would have flagged Mr. Obama, whose “birth certificate” is definitely a forgery, whose draft card is probably a forgery, and whose Social Security number does not pass E-Verify.

To get rid of the likes of Kerry (assuming that his paperwork is in order), it is time to require every candidate for a major government post to sit a thorough, pre-qualifying exam similar to the British civil service exam. The pass mark would be set high, to keep the nincompoops away from the clunky levers of the thousand-ton mechanical excavator of government.

When I addressed the Scottish Institute of Management on behalf of UKIP a couple of years ago, a questioner asked if I thought every political candidate should pass a professional exam, just as every accountant or lawyer had to do.

My two fellow panelists – one Labor, one Scottish National Socialist – were not at all keen to answer the question. I said it was one of the best ideas I had heard in a long time; that the two numpties beside me were visibly unhappy because they knew they would have failed the exam; and that, of course, every UKIP candidate would have no difficulty in passing with flying colors.

From the GOP’s point of view, a qualifying exam for politicians would have advantages. Most Republicans in both Houses would pass the exam with ease. Top marks would go to Rep. Jim Sensenbrenner of Wisconsin, who knows everything.

As for the “Democrats,” most of them, if they knew they had to face an exam, would never even have thought of going into Congress with as little knowledge and experience as Mr. Obama had as a communist organizer in Chicago. We would be governed better if we were governed only by people who had some idea of what they were doing.

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