The Washington Post, the paper that literally made a name for itself for the Watergate scandal investigative series that was leading to the impeachment of Richard Nixon, is not so thrilled by calls for the ouster of Barack Obama.

This week, the paper’s Philip Bump, a veteran of the Daily Beast and Huffington Post, wrote a snarky piece about who really got the impeachment bandwagon rolling.

It begins with John Boehner claiming: “It’s all a scam started by Democrats at the White House. Why? Because they are trying to rally their people to give money and to show up in this year’s election.”

While it’s true that Democrats have raised some $2.1 million by fear-mongering their base about a possible impeachment, Bump sets the record straight about who started the impeachment movement.

As early as 2009, just months after Obama took office, radio talk-show host Michael Savage was pushing the impeachment button over Obama’s abuse of executive orders. Five years later, Boehner has mustered the courage to file a lawsuit against Obama for the same offense.

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Next he cites my friend Floyd Brown, president of the Western Journalism Center, and me (described as a “conservative author”) for mentioning the “I” word in 2009.

Savage, Brown and Farah are called “the early birds” by Bump.

Then, using a subhead stating “The Fringe Expands,” Bump lifts all of his “research,” with only the skimpiest of attribution, from a compilation of impeachment calls published coincidentally in WND four days before.

I’ll leave it to you to judge which of the works – his or WND’s – is more comprehensive and balanced.

But all that is prelude to something I want to say about impeachment.

I’m proud that I was among the first to recognize Obama is unfit for office and a threat to the nation he claims to lead. He’s more of a threat to national security than any terrorist organization. Why? Because terrorists can only kill some of us.

But unconstitutional action by the president of the United States corrupts the very soul of America. If it is not dealt with decisively through impeachment, it can kill the rule of law. It can kill our very spirit. It can kill the American ideal that the will of the people is pre-eminent, rather than the will of some vaunted elite.

The long-term effects of the socialized medicine plan that bears his name will inevitably lead, if not repealed, to lots of death, economic dislocation and suffering of the kind we have seen in Obama’s Department of Veterans Affairs.

Understand what I am saying here – and this is not hyperbole: We have reached a point in which our own government poses a greater danger to the future of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in America than do the formidable foreign enemies we face.

Anyone who knows my work understands I am in no way diminishing the seriousness of the threat posed by radical Islamic terrorists or totalitarian regimes that would like to destroy the U.S. Those threats are very real. Few have been as outspoken as I have about them.

But we can hardly take on those threats under the leadership of a blame-America-first president.

Nor can we possibly have the will, the conviction and the moral clarity to win those battles if we are not willing to return to the principles that made America great and powerful – constitutionally limited government, economic freedom, self-government, the rule of law, the will of the people.

That’s why I make no apologies for calling for Obama’s impeachment – even back in 2009.

I did the same thing as one of the pioneers of the impeachment of Bill Clinton.

I paid a price back then. And I expect to continue paying a price today. But, after all, isn’t the price of liberty eternal vigilance?

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