I predicted it! I nailed it!

On Aug. 5, I published a column in which I explained the next excuse that would be used for not holding Barack Obama accountable for even the most heinous impeachable offenses.

Here’s what I wrote: “Let me tell you the next excuse the right will have for not seeking impeachment. They’ll soon say it’s so late in Obama’s second and final term that there’s little point to beginning the protracted [impeachment] process. To that I point out the date today – Aug. 6, 2014. It’s more than 29 months before Obama is scheduled to leave office in January 2017.”

It didn’t take long for someone prominent to use my prediction like it was written as a talking points memo.

Here’s what Marine Lt. Bill Cowan, a Fox News analyst on terrorism, said in a recent speech in response to a question about whether Barack Obama had actually provided sufficient proof to prove his constitutional eligibility to hold the presidency: “You may be right. You may be absolutely right. Is he legitimate? We don’t know. And we may not know for another 100 years. The problem is we are living in the real world.”

In the real world, explained Cowan, Obama “was sworn in to be our president. And even if tomorrow someone found a real legitimate birth certificate somewhere else that said he couldn’t be our president, the legal process to push that through and get him out would far exceed the rest of the time he has in office.”

Long story short, Cowen said, “We’re stuck with the guy.”

There’s nothing anyone can do about it.

[Watch the video:]

This is how conservatives and Republicans think. It was the big point I made in the previous column – that conservatives and Republicans have no stomach for holding their opponents accountable for high crimes and misdemeanors. They have no stomach for holding them accountable to the law of the land. They have no stomach for doing what is necessary to protect the integrity of the Constitution.

My prophetic column was headlined, “What I admire about the left.” What is there to admire about the left? That they fight for what they believe in – however wrong they might be. That they are relentless in their activism and never give up. This is why they are winning.

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By the way, they never say, “The problem is we are living in the real world.” They believe in their power to change things in the real world – and they are proving it before our eyes. I would suggest conservatives and Republicans and libertarians are the ones who are living in a world of unreality and disconnect – one of limited possibilities and opportunities.

It’s interesting that Cowan chose the eligibility issue to fulfill my prediction. Even though I and a handful of other journalists and activists were raising the eligibility issue even before Obama took office, the Republican, conservative and libertarian naysayers took the position that Obama should only be challenged on his record and the issues. Over and over, they claimed “It’s not a winning issue.” They were convinced they were going to stomp on Obama with the issues. Eligibility – a real constitutional question – was off the table for them.

Here we are in the middle of Obama’s second term, and now it’s too late to stop Obama – no matter what he does or even if he is proven ineligible to hold office, just as I predicted.

Do you see my problem with this kind of thinking?

It’s a recipe for the last two years of Obama’s being years of unrestrained tyranny. Why? Because it takes too much time and too much trouble to get rid of him.

Unbelievable! Aren’t you glad our Founding Fathers didn’t think like this? What if they said to themselves, “Yeah, the British are bad news, but it would take too long and be too difficult to rid ourselves of the occupiers.”

Conservatives and Republicans just don’t know how to fight. They don’t have the will, the motivation and the courage. And that’s why they lose.

That’s the real reason “we’re stuck with the guy.”

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