Daniel Fazzina’s personal testimony is of miraculous healings, both from a painful chronic back condition in 2001 and from a massive cancerous tumor in 2002.

It was these experiences that motivated him to embark on a crusade to share with the world other individuals’ personal stories of “divine intervention.”

Fazzina, the host of the radio program “Divine Intervention” and the author of the recently released book of the same name, readily confesses he was not in control.

In 2002, he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. Despite being treated with chemotherapy and other remedies, doctors said he had only three months to live at most.

“There was a point where I had to realize it was out of my hands. I was a totally broken man,” Fazzina said.

When the three-month scan came back in December, it showed no trace of cancer, making it the best Christmas present ever, according to Fazzina.

Doctors weren’t sure what to think. Some expressed happiness, some said miracles don’t happen. But one doctor noted that not only did the tumor disappear, it didn’t leave any scar tissue behind.

Fazzina recalled what he told God when he first received his diagnosis.

“I said ‘Lord, if you want to heal me, I will do my best to continue to serve you and to share with the world your goodness, your grace, your love and your power.'”

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Encouraged by friends and coworkers with whom he shared his and other peoples’ stories of healing, Fazzina wrote “Divine Intervention” and started his radio show, which is syndicated nationally.

Sid Roth, host of “It’s Supernatural,” praises the book, writing, “Your faith will be challenged and stimulated as you read these amazing true stories.”

Fazzina understands that people are skeptical of claims of healing but encourages doubters to keep an open mind.


“There might be more to this world, to this life, than what they perceive with their five senses.”

Perhaps with skeptics in mind, Fazzina’s book, “Divine Intervention,” also includes medical documentation, X-rays, scans, doctors reports and contact information for the people in the book.

Fazzina believes that the connection to God that comes from prayer is powerful and that He is waiting to heal and comfort.

“Sometimes we need to take a step of faith. If God puts someone near you who is sick or needs help, pray for them,” he said.

While seeing or witnessing a miracle can be exhilarating, Fazzina believes it is all for nothing if people don’t then embrace the Healer.

“It’s definitely going to encourage believers and challenge skeptics, and I really hope and pray that God will use this book to bless so many people and encourage them, and draw them into a relationship with his Son.”


“Divine Intervention,” is the culmination of Fazzina’s encounters with people from all over the world who have shared miraculous stories that defy explanation.

The stories include:

  • Medically documented divine healing
  • Deliverance from alcoholism and addiction
  • Freedom and salvation in Jesus Christ for a Muslim terrorist, and much more!

Pat Robertson, chairman of the board of Christian Broadcasting Network called it a “fascinating, inspiring book that brings together modern-day miracle stories from all over the world.”

“I highly recommend ‘Divine Intervention.'”

Lauren Green, chief religion correspondent with the Fox News Channel, said: “It’s obvious from Daniel Fazzina’s ‘Divine Intervention’ accounts that God speaks every day to a modern world. We need only listen.”

Ted Baehr, president of the Christian Film & Television Commission, writes: “This book will encourage you, inspire you, and set your heart on fire for Jesus Christ and His divine intervention. It is a joy to read. I highly recommend it.”

An interview with Fazzina:

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