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A caravan of pro-abortion “peacemakers” could be coming soon to a town near you, courtesy of Joan Blades, co-founder of the ultra-liberal political group and Democratic cash-cow MoveOn.org.

Blades will financially support an upcoming “story-sharing tour” of organized pro-abortion proponents who will take their message on the road in a concerted effort to “change our country’s conversation about abortion.”

The group Exhale will carry out the abortion-advocacy roadshow, which will accompany the group’s upcoming release of a pro-abortion book and documentary.

WND learned about the Exhale campaign through an email update from the Center for Digital Storytelling, a San Francisco-based group that last year partnered with Exhale to compile the shared experiences of women who have terminated their pregnancies.


That Sharing Our Stories endeavor still features a website of smiling young women and publicly shared testimonials.

According to an account posted to the site by a woman who identified herself as Amanda Jo, she and her fiancé simply knew an abortion was the right thing to do.

Preserving the life of the unborn child would have meant “canceling the wedding, disappointing our families, financially killing ourselves, and so many more things. I ultimately decided we shouldn’t keep the baby,” she wrote.

The center in its email urged followers to support the Exhale campaign, telling them, “Your story is powerful. It can build connections and generate more respect – especially for stigmatized experiences.”

It is calling on supporter to sign Exhale’s Pro-Voice Pledge and to “help stop stigma and create a social climate where each person’s unique experience with abortion is honored and free from judgment.”

Exhale considers the signing of its pledge as a “radical act of courage that can change the world in the midst of hostility, attacks, and demonization.”

Blades will donate $1 to Exhale for each signature received from fellow “peacemakers,” as the pledge calls its backers.

The initiative is aimed at garnering signatures as well as “empathy and compassion for people who have had personal abortion experiences.”

Donations from Blades will support the story-sharing tour as well as Exhale’s existing toll-free “after-abortion” hotline.

The following is the full pledge:

I am pro-voice.

I believe open, honest, vulnerable storytelling is a powerful and radical act of courage that can change the world in the midst of hostility, attacks, and demonization.

I trust that connecting through diverse personal experiences can humanize toxic conflicts and reveal complexity hidden within “us vs. them” divisions.

I pledge to be pro-voice in my everyday life by listening openly, speaking personally, connecting respectfully, taking leadership, and building community around polarized issues and stigmatized experiences.

I’m honored to follow a long and powerful line of peacemakers.

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