WASHINGTON – Potential presidential candidate Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-La., said of all the things that worry him about the current administration, he is most concerned about President Obama’s “effort to redefine the American Dream.”

He told the gathering at Friday’s annual Values Voters Summit that Obama’s American Dream seemed to be built upon envy, class warfare and redistribution of wealth.

Jindal used his parents’ experience as poor, but legal, immigrants to illustrate his point, saying they embodied the traditional American dream.

The governor used ample doses of humor to tell his father’s story, a man who grew up without electricity or running water.

“I know, because we heard it everyday. Good luck trying to get an allowance from that guy,” he said.

Jindal related how his father arrived in Louisiana never even having met anyone from there, and only found work after making so many calls he finally wore down the resistance of a railway company.

He had also never met his new boss, but promptly told him, without a car, he would need rides to and from work.

The boss was so impressed with the senior Jindal’s desire to work, he did just that.

When the governor was just a baby in the womb, or a “pre-existing condition,” as Jindal quipped the president might say, his father had no health insurance to pay for the delivery.

In contrast to today’s Obamacare, Jindal said his father simply went to the doctor and agreed to send payments every month until the birth was paid for, “and that’s what he did,” a deal sealed by “just two men, shaking hands.”

“I asked my dad,” Jindal said, “how do you pay for a baby on layaway?”

His father assured the future governor, he was paid for.

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