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Is Chris Christie serious about running for president?

I can tell you I will campaign against him if he doesn’t do something to fix his own warped state – I’m ashamed to say once my home state.

The place to start is by changing New Jersey’s fascistic (no, there’s no better word that comes to mind) gun laws. At the same time, he ought to issue a personal and public apology to Shaneen Allen, a Pennsylvania resident who made the awful mistake of crossing the border one day while innocently forgetting to take her lawful firearm out of the car first.

When stopped for a minor traffic violation, Allen, a young, black, single mother with a valid concealed carry permit, did what the law required in her home state – she declared that she had the gun. For that bit of candor, she was handcuffed, arrested, jailed for 26 days and is now facing up to 10 years in prison, though the prosecutor offered her a plea deal in which she would only get three years in prison!

This is one of the most outrageous miscarriages of justice I have seen anywhere in the U.S. this year.

This is a law-abiding, conscientious woman who feared for her safety and exercised her constitutional rights to get a firearm. She didn’t hurt anyone. She didn’t misuse the weapon. She didn’t have any intention of misusing it. No one even suggests she intended to do so.

She just made a mistake.

Anyone who reads my column regularly knows I have done the same thing. It could happen to anyone.

Prison time for a young mother under these circumstances is unconscionable. Do people in New Jersey not get that? Doesn’t New Jersey have enough real crime to prosecute? Is there no common sense left in New Jersey – no common decency, no judgment?

I happened to be visiting my old home state when this incident occurred. I couldn’t believe how she was treated. She has already served far too much time for this incident.

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By the way, do you know why Allen got a gun? She’d been robbed twice in one year. That’s why law-abiding people get guns – because they don’t want to be victims. Now, it seems, just exercising your Second Amendment rights makes you a victim of certain backward states like New Jersey.

It’s good news, indeed, that the prosecutor is asking for a delay in the case to re-evaluate it. The more people know about this case and the more noise they make the more the so-called “Garden State” will have to think about. I understand it’s a tourist attraction. Who wants to head to a state that treats guests with such heavy-handedness?

New Jersey even rejected a plan to allow Allen, a medical assistant, to enter a diversion program for first offenders, even though evidence showed she made an “honest mistake.”

No wonder casinos are closing up in that state. No wonder tourism is down. Who wants to visit a state just looking for an opportunity to put visitors in prison for 10 years?

It’s good news that a few members of the New Jersey Legislature are making noise about the Allen travesty.

But, again, where’s the guy with national political aspirations? Where’s Chris Christie, besides holding hands with Nancy Pelosi and falling all over Barack Obama?

I’m willing to wager Christie doesn’t travel around his own state without armed protection.

This is a litmus test for Christie. He’s been silent for too long. He needs to be put on the spot and asked about the Shaneen Allen case.

Free Shaneen Allen! Do it now.

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