“All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the Lord weigheth the spirits.”

– Proverbs 16:2

The Bible talks about times in the past and in the future when every man does what is right in his own eyes.

I think that’s exactly where America is today – without a clear focus on what is right and wrong.

A perfect example of this is the moral confusion and violent rage over the police shooting death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

None of those looting and trashing the city really know what happened when a white police officer shot the black teenager. They’re just assuming they know – that somehow because the policeman was white and the teenager black race was an issue.

That’s crazy. I don’t know how else to say it. It’s mindless hysteria.

It may even be worse than that. When the event is purposely politicized by Attorney General Eric Holder, the media, elected officials and others across the country – all very short on facts – it’s obvious justice is no longer color blind.

I think it was Holder who said: “Our society is not yet colorblind nor should it be. We must be color brave.”

Translation: “Martin Luther King Jr. was wrong. Let’s keep race-consciousness alive for our political purposes.”

Along with a willingness to make an example out of a police officer who may have behaved appropriately in a moment of provocation and stress, there is an imbecilic, cult-like inclination by some to turn Michael Brown into a martyr.

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Take the Rev. Sarah Kinney Gaventa, associate rector at St. Paul’s Church in Ivy, Virginia, who compared the teenager to Jesus – the teen who only moments before he was shot was videotaped beating a convenience store clerk half his size so he could steal some cheap cigars.

“In our Gospel today, standing in a center of Roman power, a town named after Caesar, Jesus asks his disciples who people say he is,” she said in a sermon last week. “Peter gets the answer right – the Messiah, the Son of the Living God. The God we love came to disrupt the power structures of the world that tell us what we are worth. He is a living God, who loved us so much and was so grieved by our inability to love him and one another, that he was willing to become human. He became Michael Brown. He became the victim of our sin, so we wouldn’t have to sacrifice each other anymore. His sacrifice should have been the last. His sacrifice was enough for us.”

Hear Gaventa’s remarks:

Jesus did not become Michael Brown. Jesus came to be a perfect sacrifice to atone for the sins of all of us, including Michael Brown, who are willing to call upon His holy name in repentance for salvation.

Then there is this unidentified fellow in Ferguson who wears a T-shirts that says: “I rather get stopped by ISIS terrorist than Ferguson P.D.”


Oh, really? Not only are too many Americans unable to distinguish between right and wrong, some, like this gentleman, live in a world of unreality, mendacity and outrageous hyperbole.

Get a grip.

Police shootings happen frequently in America. They don’t happen often in Ferguson, Missouri. They happen far more often in Washington, D.C., under Eric Holder’s watch. Some get more attention than they warrant, as in the case of Michael Brown, while others, like the death of Miriam Carey, a young, black unarmed mother and dental hygienist who was cut down in a hail of gunfire by Capitol Police last year for making a wrong turn, are successfully covered up and forgotten by the same officials and media on the verge of hysteria over what happened in Ferguson.


Because we live in a fallen world too often governed by corrupt, self-righteous politicians quick to condemn others but slow, as Jesus said, to remove the mote from their own eye.

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