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Why are embassy bombers running Iraqi government?

Why are embassy bombers running Iraqi government?

In an scandalous revelation, it turns out that, in Iraq, the just-appointed Cabinet positions, the prime minister, foreign minister and vice president, who was the former prime minister, are members of an Iran-based terrorist organization responsible for the 1983 bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait.

The terrorist organization is called Dawa.

And it gets worse!

The just-appointed minister of the interior is from another – yes, another – even more evil Iran-based terror organization called the Badr Brigades.

The Dawa terrorist group engineered the bombing of the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut in 1981 and in 1983 the bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Kuwait and other American sites there.

Amazingly, Jamal Jafaar Mohammed, who was convicted by a Kuwaiti court of the bombing is today a member of the Iraqi Parliament, part of former Prime Minister Maliki’s coalition.

The other terrorist organization – the Badr Brigades – is a paramilitary, Iranian killing machine, responsible, according to the United Nations, for hundreds of killings.

Both organizations are believed to have been involved directly in the killing of U.S. servicemen during the Iraq War on behalf of Iran.

Why in the world would the United States stand by and let the Iraqi government be turned over to members of two terrorist organizations, supported and aligned with international pariah state Iran?

Iran is a terrorist state completely opposed to the international community and dedicated to the destruction of the state of Israel. It has on its hands the blood of untold numbers of American soldiers who it killed through its proxy militias throughout the Iraq War.

Shameful is the only word that can be used.

America is being played for a fool.

Iraq was liberated so the Iraqi people, after 40 years of the terror of Saddam Hussein, could finally be free – not to be turned over to an even worse terror state, Iran!

Americans must demand that the price to defend Iraq against the Islamic State taking over the country is to remove all Dawa and Badr terrorists from the government.

In spite of being the original people of Iraq and comprising, according to pre-war figures, 10 percent of the population, the Assyrian Christians of Iraq did not receive even one post in the new, “inclusive” government.

They should have posts in accordance with their numbers.

There are plenty of good, democratic, freedom-loving Iraqi leaders, including Prime Minister Ayad Allawi who won the 2010 election but was prevented from taking his post due to pressure from Iran.

As one who has driven across Anbar Province to and from Amman, Jordan, outran al-Qaida on the highway, dipped to avoid a missile flying out of Baghdad International Airport and had rifles to the head in downtown Baghdad, I know how the situation is developing on the ground.

Nearly 5,000 Americans did not give their lives, 32,000 were not seriously injured and 2.5 million did not serve to set up the Islamic Republic of Iraq and hand over the hard-won prize to our worst enemy, Iran.

America can dictate the terms of her help and give the long-suffering Iraqi people the freedom they were promised after Saddam Hussein was removed.

It is time for the American public to say “enough is enough” and demand that every terrorist be removed from the Iraqi government as the price for American help.