141103stopcivilwarIn his bestselling book, “Stop the Coming Civil War,” Michael Savage makes a well-documented argument that the Obama administration is waging a multi-faceted war on America’s borders, language, culture, military, middle class, health care, science and schools.

In his opinion, the point of no return has been reached with the NSA spying program, the release of terrorists from Guantanamo Bay without congressional input and the purposeful flood of illegal aliens into the United States.

Because this administration uses the politics of race and class warfare so adroitly, Americans are ever more divided and racially polarized. Consequently, our national security, freedom and survival are threatened on many fronts.

“Desiring to control us from inception to death, from womb to tomb,” Savage predicts that our nation will eventually “snap” from the controlling pressure exercised on what we do, eat, drink, think, learn, speak, read and write.

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Facing a constant assault on our “borders, language and culture,” Savage explains that “we’ve become a post-Constitutional society,” in the most perilous position since the 1860s, a “culture of statelessness and corruption.” He compares our nation with a “tinderbox” ready to ignite. In his opinion, the bi-partisan rule from Washington is based on “greed and hunger for power of a crony oligarchy, not the rule of law.”

Opining that the suspension of the filibuster rule by Harry enabled the dismissal of legal challenges to the (un)Affordable Care Act and the eventual destruction of the best health-care system in the world, Savage laments the fact that the rest of America seems to live in peace, unperturbed by “subterranean rumblings” caused by:

  • The fact that health care has become “the industry of the haves-versus-the-have-nots”
  • “Hostile takeover of Americans’ formerly private information”
  • America is losing its position as the world’s superpower
  • Lack of patriotism and nationalism
  • Collapse of the military, the economy and culture

The “once righteous and heroic America” is replaced “with a leftist government defined by immorality and greed.”

A true patriot and son of a legal immigrant from Russia, Savage wants to put a stop to the corporate debasement of our “most cherished possession: our pride in our country.”

War on culture, language and borders

Savage describes how the war on our culture, language and borders evolved from the liberal “humane” enforcement of immigration laws to released criminal aliens on our streets.

Illegal immigrants are not here to chase the American dream, said Savage – they are here to “game the system,” strip hard-working Americans of their wealth and establish a fundamentally transformed America that resembles the hell-hole they’ve escaped. Savage describes the president’s Dreamers as a “living nightmare.”

Savage explains that the war on our culture, on Christians, on women, men, children, minorities and on the rule of law is expanded to include the introduction of cultural Marxism, a war on morality, allowing and promoting “polymorphous sexuality” and “hedonism.”

Communist professor Herbert Marcuse’s 1960s slogan, “Make love, not war,” has become in our current time, said Savage, “Make love, not money.”

Government dependency, perennial poverty, metro sexuality and a distrust of strong males are “foundational components of leftist values,” Savage explains. Neutralizing the male population and disempowering the military assure success of the leftist agenda.

Savage continues, “A strong man is the very emblem of the democratic capitalism’s evil power.”

The war on masculinity is thus justified.

Savage enumerates some of the agents that contribute to the degradation of our society: cultural elites, Planned Parenthood, Center for American Progress, Think Progress, FCC, “researchers” policing our newsrooms and political leftists opposing Christians everywhere.

Even though English is the “official language of the world,” Savage laments politicians who are “too weak-kneed to make English the official language of the U.S.”

War on the military

In his opinion, the war on our military is waged by a man who “would speak loudly and carry a limp stick.” Some of Savage’s examples include:

  • VA denying appointments to veterans in dire need of health care
  • Neutering our missile defense and military cuts
  • Firing of generals in wartime, a rare occurrence, Savage said, including those connected to the “Benghazi murders”
  • Appointing “handpicked military officers to second-in-command positions” in order to report on their superiors
  • Lowering physical standards to help women “succeed” in the name of “equality of sexes”

War on the middle class

Savage aptly describes the stagnant economy as a “trapdoor economy through which more and more middle-class Americans have dropped into poverty.”

This stagnant economy was created by:

  • Zero “stimulus” interest rates set by the Fed and disappearing savings
  • 13,000 new regulations
  • Robbing the middle class through taxation to bail out the “biggest and most corrupt banks in the world”
  • Fed’s quantitative easings, “nothing short of robbery,” printing $4 trillion dollars backed by a “hollow full faith and credit” in government, a sort of “Confederate counterfeit money”

Savage explains 70 percent of U.S. stock market trading is rigged by allowing robots to do high-frequency trading in nanoseconds, permitting market manipulation and centralization of wealth.

America is now a permanent welfare state, and poverty is at an all-time high. Raising the minimum wage will exacerbate poverty and increase welfare recipients, while the winner, JPMorgan Chase, will benefit $560 million by processing Electronic Benefit Transfer cards.

The middle class is adversely affected by the excessively printed and devalued dollar and the loss of its role as “reserve currency” and “petro dollar.”

The middle class is plagued by an increasing misery index, a decreasing freedom index, rising food and energy prices, the Pope’s war on free markets and capitalism and prioritizing climate-change politics over job creation.

War on medicine

Savage talks about the war on medicine, unleashed by Obamacare, a Castro-style medicine provided by government-controlled, single-payer care like Venezuela. Green Mountain Care in Vermont makes a good example of a single-payer system that spends $2 billion a year on health care, the entire tax revenue of the State of Vermont, a behemoth that lawmakers want to repeal.

Savage points out that Obamacare is so ill-conceived, non-generic drugs are not covered. Generic drug prices will go up as demand will go up. When less people can afford generic drugs, pharmacies will go broke. Healthy people will enjoy free annual visits, but sick people with cancer should put their affairs in order.

War on science

The war on science centers on climate change. Savage devotes Chapter 8 to the global warming debacle, focusing on some of the individual players in the ongoing deception.

  • Ottmar Edenhofer admitted that “global warming is nothing more than a political issue” that “undermines the ‘science’ that the left invented to justify global warming”
  • Christina Figueres, “the climate-change chief of the U.N.,” thinks that China is “the ideal model for government’s role in fighting climate change”
  • Al Gore – Savage calls him “the global warming debate team captain”

Calling the EPA “the Environmental Pilferage Agency,” Savage describes it as one of the most corrupt agencies in modern American history – “Its only rival is the IRS.”

The real cost of our climate-change policy, Savage says, is the cost of expensive and bankrupt solar and wind energy, animal and bird casualties and the huge cost of conversion, subsidies and damage to human health.

War on schools

The war on schools is the war to dumb down our students with the standards of Common Core. Savage talks about “outcome-based education” developed in Chicago and the college textbook publishing, which has “degenerated into a racket.”

Savage criticizes the fact that “colleges foster the physical separation of people into racial, ethnic, and cultural groups a purposeful result.”

Graduates with worthless degrees “parroting leftist platitudes” can only find minimum wage jobs for which they are overqualified,” said Savage.

Savage sees the brick and mortar universities as “debt-ridden gulags of biased, agenda-driven indoctrination.”

Savage believes that schools indoctrinate students into leftist thinking and “separate the youth of our nation from their parents and other Americans who grew up when the Constitution meant something.”

The battle lines

As Savage sees it, the lines have been drawn in the sand:

  • “The haves against the have-nots”
  • “The illegal aliens against hard-working middle-class families”
  • “Liberals who hate the Second Amendment versus lawful gun owners”
  • Climate militants against “deniers”
  • “Anti-Christian communist educators against God-fearing families”
  • “Republicans against patriots.”

We are becoming global citizens of a global community, which is nothing but global communism.

“We are becoming the Union of Soviet States of America: the USSA,” Savage warns.

Michael Savage’s book is a documented caveat and a strong plea, a wake-up call to the American people before the 2014 elections, our last chance to right the ship of state.

Visit Savage’s website to get “Stop the Coming Civil War.”

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