Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson, “Saturday Night Live” veteran turned tea-party activist, has created a stir by challenging politically correct statements at a Vanderbilt University protest where Muslims were objecting to a professor’s “hate speech” in an op-ed in a Nashville newspaper.

Political science and law professor Carol Swain wrote in the Tennessean newspaper that the Islamic terror attacks in France show that critics of Islam “were right.”

Students immediately organized a demonstration to protest her supposed “hate speech,” and Jackson attended. She tried to counter the two anti-Swain speakers being featured, saying if the Constitution still exists in the United States that Swain should be able to exercise her freedom of speech.

But Jackson was shut down by the university.

On her own website, Jackson wrote: “They silenced me today at a ‘tolerance’ rally where they were attacking their own Prof. Swain for writing an op-ed in The Tennessean that was inconsistent with their liberal propaganda. That is not education, that is brainwashing.”

Jackson also noted the event was organized by the Muslim Student Association, “the fifth named front group from the terrorist organization the Muslim Brotherhood,” according to evidence from the 2007 Holy Land Foundation trial, the largest terror-financing prosecution in U.S. history.

One woman at the rally, Jackson said, followed her around and told students not to talk with her, but she managed nevertheless to record several videos of her impromptu interviews with students on campus.

First video:

Second video:

She marveled at the one-sided presentation.

“There was nobody to tell the other side,” said Jackson, “on a college campus, under the guise of a rally against hate speech in the Tennessean.”

But she also said the question came down to whether or not Shariah — which bans disparaging statements about Islam — is in effect in America or the Constitution, which protects speech.

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At the rally, she said, the attitude was, “If you don’t support Islam, you’re a hater.”

She went up to the stage area when she realized no one was defending the Constitution.

“All I wanted to say is that Shariah cannot co-exist with the Constitution,” she told WND. “The Constitution says I can criticize Muhammad.”

But officials turned off the speaker system.

The ukulele-strumming political maven was a regular member of the “Saturday Night Live” cast from 1986 to 1992, after first appearing on “The Tonight Show” with Johnny Carson 20 times. Her first Carson appearance consisted of Jackson doing a handstand while reciting poetry, and the handstand has been a trademark ever since.

Shortly after Obama was elected president, Jackson produced a viral video that collected hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube – a ukulele-accompanied performance of “There’s a Communist Living in the White House.

See it:

Raised in a “Bible-believing, piano-playing, gymnastic home with no TV,” Victoria Jackson appeared at WND’s “Taking America Back” conference several years ago in Miami, and she and her husband, Paul, who has retired from a career as a SWAT officer and police helicopter pilot, have settled in the Nashville area.

However, she still appears on stage and film, playing several different characters in the new “Campin’ Buddies,” with Ray Stevens, Don Most and Tom Lester, and also in a film to be released in 2015 by Liberty University.

She told WND Monday her preference would be doing a sitcom, but she remains busy.

Jackson recently ran for county commission, unsuccessfully, but expanded her political horizons in the process.

She also will be appearing on Feb. 15 in a special show marking the 40th anniversary of “SNL”

In her autobiography, “Is My Bow Too Big: How I Went from Saturday Night Live to the Tea Party,” she discusses topics like, “What’s it like to be a Baptist virgin hanging out at the Playboy mansion?”

Regarding the controversy over the professor who dared criticize Islam, Jackson got to the bottom line.

“Dr. Swain, a 16-year professor at Vanderbilt, was hired when she was a liberal. A few years later she became a Christian, then a political conservative, and the university has been attacking her ever since, trying to silence her, like they did to me today.”

Get Victoria Jackson’s autobiography, “Is My Bow Too Big: How I Went from Saturday Night Live to the Tea Party,” from the WND Superstore.

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