He’s back.

If you look back over the landscape of politics for the last decade or two, you see one where the conversations about Jesus were mostly relegated to the churches, and there, they were increasingly watery and convoluted. This body politic found no problem twice electing a president whose pastor famously spouted the exhortation for our Lord to damn America. The resulting Obama presidency has been a one-man crusade against every sacredly held belief of Christianity and every precept of freedom.

The easy days for churches are gone. A very political Jesus just stepped back into the political spotlight, and this will most definitely separate the men from the boys.

I submit to you this is a testing ground, and if the sacrifice of Easter and the Resurrection don’t convince you to jump into the political arena, I would say you don’t understand the politics of Jesus.

Jesus upset every political power when He came to proclaim his reign over kings. Jesus turned over tables when citizens were unjustly taken advantage of and short-changed. Jesus set an example of the most in-your-face political being in the history of mankind. His message was love, but you can’t love something you aren’t willing to fight for. Even those who don’t believe in Him don’t doubt his political power. But, too often, Christians do.

When the threat of Islam took center stage, I remember shaking my head as I heard Christian after Christian ask this question: Have you read the Quran?

My question to them was this: Have you read the Bible?

I knew the answer. Many Christians who go listen to pastors regurgitate their interpretation of the interpretation they read that week, never open their Bibles. I have read a lot of the Quran, but I have read more of the Bible because, frankly, it doesn’t matter to me what the Quran says. I know who wins.

In recent months, Jesus has taken center stage again and has used all of this evil for good, just as the Bible promises. I have seen Christians begin to understand the threats that loom. I have seen a new uprising against political correctness and a humanism that hates humans. I have seen more “converts” to true religious freedom than ever before.

And Jesus, rightly, is at the center of the conversation again.

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This is good for churches. This is calling the 50 percent of those who warm their backsides in the church pews each week and don’t even bother to vote in a general election, to get off the pew or find themselves among the cold and timid souls who never did a damn thing. They will have to answer to the one they proclaim to serve and worship for that one. I don’t envy them.

This is good for women. For too long, women have opted out of everything that matters to their children’s’ futures while hiding behind their “mom” badges, mindlessly driving from sports to dance camp to plays to music lessons to hell. If moms don’t stand now, they could face a nightmare I discussed in “What Women Really Want,” where they sit across from their child in a gulag with their child asking what they were doing while their country fell to Shariah law. It’s happened again and again throughout recent history. But lazy and selfish as we can be, we like to pretend it could never happen here.

Wikipedia defines tyranny as an usurpation of sovereign power that makes subjects the victims of the tyrant’s passions and unjust desires, which the tyrant substitutes for laws. Tyranny is happening here. And only 20 percent of women who regularly attend church even bother to vote in a general election. Pathetic. You can really only create meaningful change by engaging in the process and voting in primaries. That translates like this, moms: You only have one thing to do to protect your children’s’ futures – engage! Moms who really love their children had better get out of their minivans and into their capitols.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, this is good for the spineless, cop-out pastors who conveniently choose to believe the lie that their pulpit should be separate and distinct from politics. Fools. We whine for a leader in the White House, but we can’t even get real leaders in our churches. Few really even pastor any longer, because they aren’t even willing to engage in politics as Jesus did. They don’t engage the culture, and culture is upstream of politics. They don’t exhort their churches. They instead tell foolish fables from their cushy pulpits while their flocks are dying. But they won’t be able to sit in their cushy pulpits much longer. Evil has shown her hand, and pastors are going to have to get busy in those pulpits or drown in the blood of their own congregations.

This week, I read a quote by Steve Deace regarding the moment Jesus basically told Satan where he could go after he tempted (and lied to) Jesus after 40 days of fasting in the desert:

“Truth and faith kissed, and the world-changing ministry of the Son of God was born.”

I think this moment should take us all back to the cross. I think it should take us forward to the cross, too. I think we stand at the most definite “crossroad” in our history, and there is no mistake in that word. Today, we choose which path we will take, and how we will die, and if we will ever really live. I believe this is not only the Resurrection Day of the Savior of the universe, but I believe it is the trumpet sound for the entry of a very political army of Jesus to enter, unafraid, behind the most revolutionary political being the world has ever known. The question to Christians this Resurrection Day:

“Whom shall you serve?” – Joshua 24:14-15

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