Dinesh D’Souza, one of the conservative movement’s leading voices, has taken his felony fall from grace remarkably well, cutting a video in which he flaunts his gangsta side and telling the media his eight months of court-ordered confinement has cleared his head.

He spoke with Vanity Fair about his sentence for campaign finance fraud, which he still insists came about because of a target placed on his back by President Obama’s administration.

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As WND reported in September, D’Souza’s sentence is being served in a nighttime confinement center that grants him freedom to work during the day. D’Souza, the creator of the critical “2016: Obama’s America” film, pleaded guilty to making illegal contributions to former U.S. Senate candidate Wendy Long’s campaign in 2012 and was sentenced in September 2014 to the center and ordered to pay $30,000 in fines.

But he’s not abandoning his pundit roots, his sense of humor or his optimistic outlook.

“Ironically, putting me in confinement has given me a chance to clear my head, to think, to greatly expand my horizons once I get out,” he said.

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D’Souza also told the magazine about his first night in the center, saying he and his 400-pound bunkmate engaged in friendly conversation.

“He goes, ‘Hey man, what are you in for?’ I go, ‘Campaign-finance violation.’ He goes, ‘What the [expletive] does that mean?’ I go, ‘Well, my friend was running for the Senate and I gave her too much money. I raised money for her in the wrong way.’ So he goes, ‘[Expletive]. Can you raise money for me?’ I go, ‘No.'”

D’Souza, the magazine reported, went on: “Then there was the mandatory rape class, which was about establishing that all of us have a right not to be raped. Very reassuring,”

The video D’Souza cut was aimed at promoting his Vanity Fair interview.


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