Free speech is under attack by leftists, says one liberal commentator.

Democrat Kirsten Powers, who serves as a columnist for USA Today, a contributor to Fox News and a self-declared follower of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s politics, says in her new book her own ideological camp members are killing the First Amendment.

In “The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech,” Powers says she’s breaking partisan camp to out her colleagues for their denouncement of free speech rights.

“It’s hard to go against your tribe,” she said, recognizing in an interview with the Daily Caller she’s a follower of Warren. She also admitted fellow Democrats have accused her of “betrayal” for her criticisms of fellow Democrats or of President Obama.

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But, she said, her Christian faith has brought her comfort, and she stands firm in her belief that “persuasion, not coercion” is the proper way to win arguments, the Daily Caller reported.

One example of egregious leftist-led attacks on free speech she cited was the Indiana pizza shop owners who faced national criticism for their Christian-based views of homosexuality.

“These people just answered a hypothetical,” Powers said, the Daily Caller reported. “And next thing you know, they are under assault. They actually didn’t even deny service.”

Powers also put down Media Matters, funded by Democrats.

“[They run hostile operations] to try to delegitimize reporters who report on things they don’t like,” she said. “[There’s] zero tolerance for ideological diversity.”

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