As horrific as appear the recent videos of Planned Parenthood executives calmly discussing over lunch their plans for the sale of the body parts of unborn infants, it should surprise no one, since such practices have been documented for nearly two decades already.

In fact, these abortion executives likely inherited their practices from their predecessors.

One price list uncovered by a pro-life organization dated June 1998 points out that the price per specimen from a second trimester abortion is $90 fresh, and $130 frozen.

Mark Crutcher, whose Life Dynamics organization was a ground-breaker in investigating the abortion behemoth that gets some $500 million annually from U.S. taxpayers, told WND the activities are those of grave robbers, or worse.

He told WND even grave robbers are not as low as those doing these practices, since those in graves already are dead.

His group reported first in February 2000 how the baby parts market works: “A baby parts ‘wholesaler’ enters into a financial agreement with an abortion clinic in which the wholesaler pays a monthly ‘site fee’ to the clinic. For this payment, the wholesaler is allowed to place a retrieval agent inside the clinic where he or she is given access to the corpses of children killed there and a workspace to harvest their parts.”

He continued, “The buyer – usually a researcher working for a medical school, pharmaceutical company, bio-tech company or government agency – supplies the wholesaler with a list of the baby parts wanted. … when such orders are received … they are faxed to the retrieval agent at the clinic who harvests the requested parts and ships them to the buyer.”

The documentation was provided at that time to Life Dynamics from a worker who left from Comprehensive Health for Women – a “Planned Parenthood abortion clinic located in Overland Park, Kansas,” and brought reams of documentation along.

Those documents even included the “Fee-for-Services” Schedule A, effective June 1998, which outlined a charge of $220 per specimen for first-trimester aspiration abortions, and $260 if the baby parts were frozen.

Life Dynamics had launched its 31-month long investigation in 1997, nearly 19 years ago.

Crutcher said he could only conclude that the mentality was reflective of another attitude from history.

That of Nazi death camps.

“It sounds pretty ghastly,” he said, but the attitude is, “If the babies are going to die anyway, why not make something good come of it?”

Now there’s an instruction book for removing abortion from your community, in “Abortion Free: Your Manual for Building a Pro-Life American One Community at a Time.”

It was the same in the Nazi death camps, where gold was pried from the teeth of Jews based on the attitude, “Why bury that gold in the ground?”

“How is it different to say that these babies are already dead, so we might as well see if we can profit from them?” he asked.

The most recent videos were released just last week and this week, from the Center for Medical Progress. In one, Planned Parenthood executive Mary Gatter is dickering over what she should be paid.

“But, you know, the money is not important. But it has to be big enough that it makes it worthwhile for me. It’s been years since I’ve talked about compensation, so let me just figure out what others are getting and if this is in the ballpark, that’s fine. If it’s still low, we can bump it up. I want a Lamborghini,” she says.

The video:

The earlier video had another Planned Parenthood executive discussing the sale of baby body parts while sipping a glass of red wine and picking at a salad.

See the original video that exposed the scandal:

The full, unedited video of Deborah Nucatola, from which the shorter version was taken, is here:

David Daleiden of the CPM, who released the videos, was on Hannity’s Fox News program this week to discuss them.

“We did this because Planned Parenthood had been harvesting and selling the body parts from the abortions they commit for decades now, and no one has held them accountable,” he said. “They held themselves above the law, and this is something offensive to the American public. It’s offensive to us and human beings. It violates human dignity, and it has to stop.”

Alveda King, niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., also said the sideline business to the abortion industry has been going on for years.

King, of Priests for Life, said she knows personally of a man who saw Planned Parenthood’s grisly trafficking in human body parts firsthand a decade ago.

“He was a driver for me,” she said. “He had previously worked for a private courier service. They put him on a route, and he picked up a medical box from Planned Parenthood. The young lady who worked there said to him, ‘You know what’s in that box?’ He said no. She said, ‘Would you like to see?’ And she opened the box and inside it was baby body parts, and he had to transport them to another state.”

King warned that Planned Parenthood and its supporters now are in damage control, trying deflect attention from the activity of trafficking in “human heads,” as Crutcher put it.

“They say they are not making money because they’re just being reimbursed for their costs. Well, isn’t that generous of them? But you can subjectively charge between $30 and $100. And what are you doing with the extra money? You can call it anything you like, but in the end you’re buying and selling body parts,” King said. “So you’re going across state lines and you’re just getting reimbursed, fine, if anyone believes that.

“This comes from someone who has had an abortion,” she said, recalling her two abortions while younger. “When I go in there, they are shoving a bunch of papers in my hands, so in my mind I just want to get out of there. And they say, ‘Oh, you’re doing something good here by donating for science so don’t feel bad about it. So we’re going to kill your baby, and we’re going to tell you you’re doing something good because we can donate your baby’s body parts so we can be reimbursed for harvesting the organs.’ It’s a crock of lies.”

She continued, “They’re trying to say this was trickery and they doctored the videotape. I didn’t make that lady say she wanted a Lamborghini, or that the other lady wanted to extract whole livers. That was not trickery. That came out of their mouths. You’re here harming these women and their babies and trying to make them feel good about it.”

Crutcher’s report documented through Planned Parenthood’s own paperwork, one agent sold – during February 1996 alone – 47 livers, 11 liver fragments, seven brains, 21 eyes, eight thymuses, 23 legs, 14 pancreases, 14 lungs, six arms and one kidney-adrenal gland.

Also three orders of blood from the unborn child, and the retrieval agent “who harvested all of the parts … in order for the blood of an aborted child to be sold, the dead baby had to be brought to him intact.”

Those “specimens,” the report said, would have generated up to about $25,000 in revenue, for one month from one retrieval agent at one Planned Parenthood business.

The documentation obtained by Life Dynamics still provides information of nightmare quality.

Crutcher reported, “The tissue logs reveal that one baby is often chopped up and sold to many buyers. For example, babies taken from donors 113968 and 114189 were both killed late in their second trimester and cut into nine pieces. By applying [the] price list,” buyers would have been invoiced between $3,510 and $5,070 for these parts.

Another group to document the behavior of Planned Parenthood has been Live Action, which released video after video of Planned Parenthood operatives covering up the sexual abuse of minors, providing false medical counsel, trying to manipulate abortion patients, aiding those trafficking in child sex and more.

Live Action chief Lila Rose said the latest CMP video “further illustrates the barbaric reality of business at Planned Parenthood – that after selling an abortion, Planned Parenthood works to improve their bottom line by harvesting the body parts of the child they have just killed. What has our nation come to that we allow the brutality of abortion upon our children, and then sell their broken bodies for profit, all the while, funding the perpetrator?”

She added, “Human rights are bipartisan – where is the outcry from presidential hopefuls Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and others over sale of the parts of children? Silence in the face of such atrocity is complicity.”

At one point, it was reported that a Planned Parenthood clinic in Minneapolis told an undercover investigator posing as a teen to let her partner abuse her with “rope burns” and “markings.”

“Anything” the counselor said, “is normal as long as it’s consensual.”

Here’s an example of what Live Action calls false counseling from Planned Parenthood in Milwaukee:

And allegedly helping child sex traffickers in the Bronx:

Here’s questionable counseling in Appleton, Wisconsin:

Here a minor girl is told to lie:


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