Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina, a Republican presidential hopeful who’s currently surging in polls, suggested during a Friday morning televised interview she believed Hillary Clinton’s email server – the one federal agents just found to be suspiciously wiped clean of any information – was most likely hacked by enemies of America.

In a discussion on Fox & Friends about the emerging details of Clinton’s email server scandal, in which she used a private, home-based account for her public, secretary of state correspondences, Fiorina said the presidential hopeful certainly looked guilty.

“The old adage comes to mind ‘the coverup is always worse than the crime,'” she said. “It is as I said last week, [Clinton] has lied about her emails … about Benghazi.”

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And as for the criminal nature of Clinton’s actions, Fiorina had this to say: That may very well be.

“It certainly broke every rule in the book in the State Department,” she said. “It may turn out to be criminal.”

Fiorina then referenced the known cybersecurity threats America has faced from China for more than a decade, as well as from other enemies of the country, and said Clinton seemed to disregard those risks when she installed a home-based email server.

“She was putting every communication on that server at huge risk,” Fiorina said. “That server was highly vulnerable and I’m pretty sure it got hacked.”

Fiorina’s statements come as she’s experiencing swelling favor with th U.S. voter, due in part to her stellar debate performance, and to her messages of American exceptionalism.

On Fox & Friends, she characterized her rising popularity this way: “People are tired of professional politicians. … We need a different kind of leadership, a leadership that can translate a fancy speech into real [aid to the voter].”

She also outlined one of her solutions to the problems facing America as re=engaging and re-igniting the power of the electorate.

“We know politicians respond to pressure … we need to harnass that power of citizenship,” Fiorina said. “This will require leadership but it will also require citizenship. … We need to engage citizenry in the process of government.”

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