Since we haven’t had television in over 20 years, I’ve never seen any of the “zombie apocalypse”-type shows that have recently gained in popularity. These programs have been the butt of many jokes, mostly directed at the absurd ways people handle zombies or the comical way folks try to survive under whatever conditions brought about the apocalypse to begin with.

But it’s no joke to consider what a real-life “zombie” apocalypse would be like.

Here’s an old but relevant saying: We are nine meals from anarchy. What this means is when folks haven’t eaten for three days, all hell breaks loose. The veneer of civilization breaks down, and people will do anything to secure food or other vital resources.

In the essay “The Anatomy of a Breakdown” it states, “For whatever reason, three to five days following a disaster is the bewitching hour. During this short amount of time, the population slowly becomes a powder keg full of angry, desperate citizens.”

Fictional zombies share many similar characteristics. They have no brain. They are incapable of rational thought. They march in groups through the streets, terrorizing everyone. They create nothing but fear, produce nothing but dread and take whatever they want through brute force or intimidation.

My biggest concern is America is cultivating real-life zombies like never before.

How do you make a real-life zombie? You start by forcing them to attend schools where they are inculcated with unprovable theories presented as hard facts, where individuality and free thought are stifled, respect for authority in general (and parents in particular) is trashed, history is revised to suit political correctness, and “micro-aggression” is blamed for everything from global warming to dust bunnies under the bed.

Next, remove anything resembling a work ethic by providing all the bare necessities of life that are normally obtained by the sweat of one’s brow. It’s even better if government policies can destroy families by removing fathers from the home and paying women to have babies out of wedlock.

Next, mock, belittle and vilify anything resembling a Higher Authority (which might put a damper on hedonism and “self-expression”).

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Next, cultivate a victim mentality by assuming everything and everyone is “out to get you” because they don’t like your (pick one) age / gender / orientation / weight / skin tone / religion / nation of origin / employment / income / opinions / handedness. Personal responsibility is out the window. It’s never your fault that you’re unemployed or unemployable.

Congratulations! You’re created a zombie, someone with no brain who is incapable of rational thought, who terrorizes other people, creates fear, produces dread and takes whatever they want because they feel “entitled” to what you possess.

What happens to zombies once they’re created? Not much … as long as they get what they want. But what happens when the zombies can’t get what they want? Or worse, can’t get what they genuinely need? Then we can expect a zombie apocalypse.

An apocalypse could happen in several different ways. It could be a genuine apocalypse (our national power grid suddenly goes down); it could be a financial apocalypse (we experience an economic crash); or it could be when the balance between the producers and the takers is finally tipped beyond the point of no return (in other words, not enough producers to support the zombie population).

It’s at this point, when the zombies are deprived of all the subsidized or free comforts they are used to getting, that they’ll start marching.

Let’s face it, who is most likely to march after an apocalypse? Is it the hard-working people who have made God and family their priority? Is it those who have educated themselves in useful, productive, needed trades? Is it those who have cultivated a strong work ethic and personal responsibility? Is it those who prudently kept out of debt, stocked their pantries and made sure they had a shotgun behind the door?

Or is it the people who have spent their whole lives having things handed to them? Is it those who believe the “rich” owe them something because the rich have something they don’t? Is it those who call the Almighty the “flying spaghetti monster” with a condescending sneer? Is it those who poked fun at the tinfoil hat preppers because, after all, nothing could ever disrupt those regular supermarket deliveries?

Pardon my cynicism, but I’m inclined to think it’s the latter, not the former, who will be marching in the streets and creating havoc. When the free resources dry up, the “kept class” will metamorphose into zombies who will roam the streets, taking what they want. Or as Creek Stewart put it, “They will skip the government middleman and charge directly to the source of where the free stuff originates – your front door.”

In the acerbic words of Ted Nugent, “Burn this into your cerebral cortex: The two greatest sins a government can impose on its citizens are to 1) provide for them, because it destroys their souls by creating dependency instead of self-reliance, and 2) take the sweat, hard work and equity of one man and give it to another (e.g., spread the wealth around).”

If we ever do have an apocalypse here in America, the zombies may wreak havoc and destruction in their quest for “brains” – but they’ll die out in the end. There will be a period of intense chaos as the zombies attempt to liberate the producers of their goods or even their lives. But that will come to an end when resources become scarce and the zombies are not equipped – mentally or emotionally – to survive through hard times.

Meanwhile those who have been quietly living strong productive lives, keeping their faith and their families intact, will make it through.

We need builders, not destroyers. We need producers, not takers. If you find yourself with a history of no productivity – if you find yourself slipping into zombie mode – it’s time to look in the mirror and make some changes. You’re the only one who can make a difference. Take your brains back so you can grow up and become an adult.

Quit being zombies, folks. It’s a rotten survival strategy and has no long-term sustainability.

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