Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

The poll numbers are in, and it’s another hit at Hillary. According to a recent Rasmussen Reports’ survey, a good portion of U.S. voters say Hillary Clinton ought to put her presidential campaign on hold, at least until she can clear up the scandals surrounding the private email server she utilized while secretary of state.

The voters are split down the middle on that question, but a large portion – 46 percent – see her email scandal as a serious impediment to her campaign, and say she ought to step back from the presidential ring and clear up the matter.

One-of-four Democrats see a suspension as a must; three-of-four Republicans, by contrast, want Clinton to quit, at least for the time being.

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And nearly half, or 46 percent, of those who don’t lay claim to any party affiliation think a campaign hiatus is in order for Clinton.

“Growing national security questions about Hillary Clinton’s use of a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state are drowning out much of her message as a presidential candidate and causing many of her fellow Democrats to worry about the future of her campaign,” Rasmussen wrote.

Clinton still has a trust factor with the American people, too, Rasmussen found. Only 37 percent of all voters trust her; fully 63 percent believe at least some of her actions while secretary of state were influenced by donors and donations to her family’s Clinton Foundation.

Still, all this distrust and negative perceptions about Clinton aren’t likely, in the end, to impact her campaign much, at least in the eyes of the voters. Sixty-three percent participating in Rasmussen’s latest survey think she’s likely to be the Democratic Party pick for president.

Even that news comes with a caveat, however. Last month, that figure stood at 78 percent.

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