The White House

The White House

Lawrence Lessig, a Harvard law professor who pledged to jump in the presidential race if he raised $1 million, says he’s met his benchmark and will now seek the office as a Democratic Party candidate.

He announced his exploratory committee’s receipt of $1 million on “This Week” on ABC, and pledged a run on a campaign finance reform platform. Lessig had previously said he would leave Harvard and seek the high office if he didn’t think the other candidates were trying to return “political power to citizens,” and if he could raise $1 million by Labor Day, the Associated Press reported.

His other areas of political concern?

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Voting rights and “political gerrymandering,” Lessig said, according to the AP.

But if he wins, Lessig said he wasn’t keeping the post.

Instead, Lessig, a 54-year-old from South Dakota, said he’ll give the executive seat up to his vice president.

His campaign has an uphill ride; he’s facing off against frontrunner Hillary Clinton and rising campaigner Sen. Bernie Sanders, as well as former Gov. Martin O’Malley.

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