World War III is shaping up in Syria right now, thanks to Barack Obama.

According to Russian Sen. Igor Morozov, Beijing has agreed to dispatch naval forces, including an aircraft carrier, to Syria alongside a Russian military force that will join Hezbollah and Iranian army regulars in Syria, an immediate neighbor to the north of Israel, and Iraq to fight ISIS.

Now this is both good news and bad news:

  • Good news: Somebody’s got to fight ISIS. And it’s clearly not going to be the U.S. under Barack Obama. Somebody’s got to soundly defeat and destroy ISIS. And that’s clearly not going to be the U.S. while Obama’s around.
  • Bad news: It’s going to be a coalition of Russia, Iran, China and Hezbollah in the Middle East – something that sounds vaguely out of the worst apocalyptic visions of John the Revelator.

Obama has left this vacuum wide open for two powerful, nuclear nations to bring the U.S. down – one or both of which was responsible for the greatest act of cyberwarfare in the history of the world against the U.S., hacking into government computers and getting data on every past and present federal employee, including spies and military personnel, just months ago.

China is sending an aircraft carrier – a provocative act that it hasn’t invoked against U.S. interests since the Vietnam War era.

But it gets worse.

What is the mission?

The mission of Russia and China is to ensure Bashar Assad’s regime is not overthrown by ISIS or any other “terrorists.” The mission of Iran and Hezbollah, on the other hand, is hegemony over much of the Middle East – from Persia to the Levant, as they say.

Meanwhile, what is the U.S. trying to do? The U.S. is at the forefront of supplying and training forces to overthrow Assad, including arming groups associated with al-Qaida. Some of the arms provided by the U.S. have fallen into the hands of ISIS.

So the U.S. is on a collision course with Russia and China in the Middle East.

Russian military presence in Syria and Iraq has been increasing since 2012. Syria is now equipped with sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons that make U.S. flights vulnerable, and Russia began airstrikes against anti-Assad forces in Syria yesterday.

Israel, which knows it cannot depend on Obama for support, has been quietly negotiating with Russia. Israel’s main concern are periodic attacks on its civilians and territory by Hezbollah militia groups.

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The Jewish state is going along with the Russians and, now, apparently, the Chinese. Benjamin Netanyahu, no fan of Assad, understands that stability in the Middle East is better than ISIS chaos and savagery. So he now has a hotline directly to Vladimir Putin to deal immediately with any misunderstandings. As you know, Netanyahu does not have Obama on speed dial – unless it’s to leave crank calls.

Russia is building up its forces in Syria because of its frustrations with Obama for not taking on ISIS in any meaningful way.

Now, apparently, China is stepping in.

“It is known, that China has joined our military operation in Syria, the Chinese cruiser has already entered the Mediterranean, aircraft carrier follows it,” said Morozov.

This is what happens when the U.S. fails to act, or, in the case of Obama, chooses the wrong target at the wrong time – namely the Syrian Assad regime.

Make no mistake about it: Assad is a terrible actor – but by Middle East tyrant standards, he’s practically a saint. He runs a country that doesn’t actively discriminate against Sunnis, Shia, Christians, Alawites or Druze. In fact, his army is made up of non-Sunni minority groups. Women are not treated like garbage in Syria. Meanwhile, he faces overthrow at the hands of ISIS, the most brutal and barbaric Sunni Muslim force since shortly after the time of Muhammad 1,300 years ago. It has already taken over strategic territory in the Middle East roughly the size of Great Britain. ISIS is just outside the gates of Damascus.

America could have interceded to destroy ISIS. It didn’t. Instead, Obama insisted on a path of doing all it could support non-ISIS groups to attack Assad’s Syria – which, if successful, would only help ISIS take over.

Do you see where all this potentially leading?

Russia and China swoop in to defend Syria, while it remains a target for toppling by the U.S.

Who is strengthened by all this? Iran: the regional power that just got a sweetheart nuclear deal from the U.S.

The trouble with foreign military powers that engage in the Middle East is simple: It’s easy to get in. Not so easy to disengage, as the U.S. has figured out.

Once the Russians and the Chinese start fighting ISIS – in Syria and Iraq – will they ever get out?

And I haven’t even mentioned that the U.S. seems to be more fixated on battling Russia in Ukraine.

Where will all this lead?

It’s the most obvious potential flashpoint for World War III.

But, hey, what could go wrong?

Maybe those Blood Moons and Shemitah predictions were right.

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