Hillary Clinton supporters all had the same message after she was grilled by Chuck Todd on her personal server scandal, Sept. 27, 2015: "Move on." (Image: NBC, "Meet the Press" screenshot)

Hillary Clinton supporters all had the same message after she was grilled by Chuck Todd on her personal server scandal, Sept. 27, 2015: “Move on.” (Image: NBC, “Meet the Press” screenshot)

Hours after select media outlets reported the cloud company Hillary Clinton hired to provide backup company service for her secretive home-based server system was turning over data to the FBI – and hours after one of her long-time aides was caught lying about email use – Hollywood long-timer James Woods took to Twitter to slam the “pathetic” press and demand: Why isn’t the mainstream covering this?

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Referencing Clinton’s “email coverup,” Woods then wrote: “Where was the MSM [mainstream media]?”

The actor’s outrage was due in part to recent reports of Clinton’s contract with the Connecticut-based Datto Inc. to back up the emails from the server she installed in her home during her stint as secretary of state. The FBI asked the company to give up those emails to investigators, and Datto said yes, McClatchy News reported.

In a statement, the company said: “With the consent of our client and their end user, and consistent with our policies regarding data privacy, Datto is working with the FBI to provide data in conjunction with its investigation.”

Woods, one of Hollywood’s few open conservatives, wrote on Twitter: “The once great investigative journalism of the MSM has completely missed or willfully ignored the greatest scandal since Watergate.”

And another: “The second tech company, Datto, didn’t even know whose emails they were backing up for a while. Some security …”

He also wrote, linking to a Washington Free Beacon story: “Report: Longtime Hillary Clinton Aide Lied About Personal Email Use … Classic coverup junk.”

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That reference was due the media’s report of Clinton aide Philippe Reines lying about using a personal email address to message reporters. Reines said he didn’t, but released State Department emails, which came on the heels of a suit from Gawker, showed he did. Gawker, via a Freedom of Information Act request, found Reines regularly used his private Gmail address. Prior to the fulfillment of this FOIA, Reines had dismissed such talk as “cockamamie theory,” the Washington Free Beacon reported.

Woods tweeted: “It’s covering up some shady s–t:’ Clinton server employee, New York Post. The Clintons are just appalling.”

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