Shannon, a member of an MSNBC focus group on Hillary Clinton, said the former secretary of state's "off-putting" attitude may scare off male voters,  Tuesday, Oct. 7, 2015. (Image: MSNBC screenshot)

Shannon, a member of an MSNBC focus group on Hillary Clinton, said the former secretary of state’s “off-putting” attitude may repel a significant number of male voters, Wednesday, Oct. 8, 2015. (Image: MSNBC screenshot)

A focus group from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s worst nightmares became a reality on MSNBC Wednesday morning.

Moderator Mark Halperin oversaw a panel of Democrats who overwhelmingly agreed Clinton has an “off-putting” attitude, which may drive male voters away in the general election.

“What are you seeing?” asked Halperin.

“You know, when she’s I don’t want to use the word, but ‘b—-y,'” said a participant named Shannon, the American Mirror reported Wednesday. “It’s like that, ‘women need to be equal.’ I mean, I don’t feel unequal.”

“I agree,” said a woman named Kara. “I don’t feel unequal. I don’t feel like I’ve had a job where I feel unequal to my male counterparts. It’s not an issue that speaks to me.”

“She’s going to push off a lot of men, I think,” a woman off camera added.

Two male panelists said the Democrat presidential candidate came across as “condescending.”

When Halperin asked the group if Clinton’s attitude was going to be a problem for her campaign, nine of 10 participants raised their hands.

MSNBC’s focus group appeared to echo a recent Fox News poll that found Clinton’s standing with Democrats has eroded to a 38 percent favorable rating from 56 percent in late June. The survey was taken Sept. 20-22.


Clinton’s favorability rating among all Americans is at its lowest level in 23 years, Gallup reported Sept. 4.

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“Dogged by continued scrutiny of her email practices as secretary of state, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s favorability with the American public has sunk to one of its lowest levels in Gallup’s 23-year trend. Currently, 41% of U.S. adults say they have a favorable opinion of the Democratic front-runner, while 51% hold an unfavorable view,” the organization reported.

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