A couple of building contractors from Indiana are hitting a social-media high with their online, on-the-job renditions of favorite traditional church hymns and choruses.

A report from WISH-TV in Indianapolis credits Josh Arnett and Aaron Gray with inspiring millions with their music.

Responding to a special request, they recently posted their version of “How Great Thou Art,” bringing a pastor friend, Paul Bigger, onto their “stage,” which actually is a basement construction project on which they were working.

Hear their version:

They have an online presence with their YouTube channel.

In the WISH report, they said they are humbled by the interest shown.

Arnett told the station, “At the end of the day after our hard work we’ll do a short video, and we posted to Facebook one time, and some people liked it.”

They often just choose a song they like, the report said.

“We just felt like that particular day ‘How Great Thou Art’ just seemed like a good song, and that’s what we did.”

That video has more than 7 million total views, mostly on Facebook, the report said.

“Literally hundreds of messages that say these videos have encouraged people, and in this day and age that we live in, that’s what we want to do,” Gray told the station.

Here’s another from the duo:


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