Ben Carson

Ben Carson

MSNBC talking heads spent television time mulling Ben Carson’s poll support for president – and this is what one Democratic Party strategist came up with: It’s because he’s a “safe negro” who can attack President Obama.

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On MSNBC’s “Up,” Democratic strategist L. Joy Williams, one of the panelists on the show to discuss Carson’s rising appeal among Republican voters, said: Carson’s a “safe negro” for those who want to criticize Obama but can’t “because of the race factor,” Breitbart reported.

Williams went on: “So one you’re right, Dr. Carson’s story is one in which those who knew him beforehand, which I am among them, knew of his inspirational story. It was something he communicated all the time. But you mentioned something really important. The really important thing of people supporting him because it’s ‘Oh, there’s another black man commenting or – negatively against the president and I don’t feel comfortable in doing so … because of the race factor.’ So here’s someone who can do it.”

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The statement was met with some resistance by the other panelist, but Williams dug in deeper.

“One in which, in terms of having the safe negro comment on someone that you’re against,” she said, Breitbart reported.

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