The Forces of Darkness are gathering in Paris as I write. My own bags are packed, for the army of light and truth will be there, too, though in far smaller numbers than the enemy.

I had hoped – we had all hoped – that with the fall of the Berlin Wall, the future of freedom was secure. But the left found a new bogus cause – global warming.

We must still hope, for hope is one of three cardinal virtues. But, like the wise virgins, we must also be on full alert. The vision of liberty to which your Founding Fathers held fast, and which your nation once proudly and bravely embodied, has never been more universally held in contempt.

Let me give you a single, telling statistic. In a recent opinion poll, 27 percent of “Democrats” said they thought that anyone who questioned the party line on climate change should be arrested, charged, detained, interrogated, tried, convicted and imprisoned.

For the sake of argument, let us imagine that the “Democrats” are right and that, unless the West commits economic hara-kiri in the name of saving the planet for socialism, we are all doomed. Let us pretend that the grim profiteer of doom, Lord Stern, was right to assert that unless we shut down the West there is a 1-in-10 chance that the world will come to an end by 2100.

Even if the world really did face Thermageddon within this century, that fact would not in any way justify the “Democrats” in putting questioners of their beliefs into prison.

If Mr. Obama’s gaseous expatiations on global warming were unquestionably right and true rather than unquestionably wrong and false, those of us who asked questions about the believers’ viewpoint would be seen as mere crackpots. Every time we opened our mouths, we would be making ourselves look ever more foolish.

That is why one should not restrict the freedom to speak out against whatever belief system – today, environmentalist totalitarianism – is currently in vogue. For if that belief system is manifestly just and true, then any who speak out against it will merely advertise the falsity of their own position every time they speak.

Why, then, do the “Democrats” – led in this respect by the unspeakable Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (what is it with Whitehouses and climate change?) – want to slam us all in the calabozo and throw away the key?

The reason is obvious. Few though we questioners be, we brave souls who daily endure the venom and the ridicule of the totalitarians for the sake of the truth, we have won the debate on the climate, and the believers have lost. Big time. And they know it.

The believers don’t like losing. Like totalitarians in every age before them, they imagine that the best way to prevent the truth from becoming so widely visible that even they can no longer deny it is to imprison or even execute those who speak the truth. Well, it doesn’t work. Never has. Never will.

In recent weeks, I have been drawing attention to the ever-widening range of political topics on which the totalitarians insist that only one viewpoint – their own – is permissible.

Young people, who were rebels when I was a lad, are now obsequious, thought-free, head-banging conformists robotically chanting the party line on just about everything.

They believe global warming is, in Mr. Obama’s words, “real, man-made and dangerous,” when it is not happening and would be harmless if it did happen.

They believe homosexuality is praiseworthy when it is deadly, shortening the lifespan of the average “gay” by at least as much as smoking shortens the lifespan of its habitués.

They believe abortion is OK, even where that means torturing innocent children before they are torn limb from limb.

They believe the state should own everything and everyone, decide everything for everyone, do everything for everyone, and imprison or kill everyone who dares to exercise the freedom to disagree.

My sermon some weeks ago at Churchill College, Cambridge, mentioning with gentle approval the church’s teachings on homosexuality, abortion and freedom of speech, is still being talked of in hushed tones throughout the university.

How could such a monster have been allowed to preach? Had I perhaps made a huge donation to the college, and insisted on the right to preach there as a quid pro quo?

Few of the robots in the college pews understood that Christianity has a body of teachings that, given to us by God Himself, are not up for repeal. Nor had they understood that a university education does not involve merely learning by rote whatever the current generation of totalitarian lecturers tells them is true. It involves thinking, and having that thinking challenged.

How, then, to shake the Borg out of their hive-minded complacency? How to make them think again?

Just watch and wait. My guess is that we must go through a generation of socialist misery before it becomes apparent that environmentalist fascism was based on a lie.

The glorious thing about the climate debate is that the hard left nailed its swastika flags firmly to the mast of the sinking ship “global warming.” They went on and on and on and on about it. In doing so, they left no one in any doubt: It was they, the socialists, who were the architects and drivers and spinners of this ludicrous, costly, murderous scare.

With truth goes laughter. Month by inexorable month, more and more people will do the one thing the left can’t stand. We shall laugh at them. For global temperature will continue to fail to rise at anything like the predicted rate. Weather-related disasters will continue to happen, as they always have, but it will gradually dawn on everyone that hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts are no more frequent or intense or enduring than in former times.

And the sheer, outrageous cost of trying to make non-existent global warming go away will become ever more evident to those of us who are compelled to pay it.

Within a generation, people will be reminding themselves who it was that bullied governments into squandering trillions and bankrupting their own economies and their own people in the name of saving a planet that had been triumphantly saved 2,000 years previously and did not need to be saved again.

Although the clear intention of the Paris treaty is to inflict unelected, totalitarian dictatorship on the world, and although most members of the governing class worldwide are instinctual, nanny-knows-best totalitarians, the treaty, like the tide-mark left behind by emptying a bath of dirty water, will mark the greatest extent of the believers’ triumph.

From here on in, the gales of laughter will become ever fiercer and ever merrier, as one by one the extravagant predictions of the doomsters’ union are proven to have been flagrantly overcooked. To get the climate scare going, the forces of darkness had to make lurid predictions. Now all we have to do is enjoy ourselves holding their feet to the fire that they themselves had stoked.

To all things there is a purpose. The purpose of the mad climate scare was to remind us all that, since the totalitarians were spectacularly wrong about this, they may well have been no less wrong about everything else.

The Berlin Wall may not have marked the beginning of global freedom from tyranny, but the Paris treaty, however much its dismal articles may try to set up international climate courts and suchlike instruments of totalitarian misrule, will represent the grubby high-tide-mark of socialism.

From here on, over the coming generation, true freedom will be rung in by peals of laughter at the expense of the cream-faced, whited sepulchers of socialism. By its false belief in Thermageddon, it has destroyed itself. And good riddance.
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