Nina Keneally of "Need a Mom" sells her parental advice to New York City's young people for $40 an hour (Photo: The Guardian video screenshot)

Nina Keneally of “Need a Mom” sells parental advice to New York City’s young professionals for $40 an hour (Photo: The Guardian video screenshot)

New York City hipsters now have “Need a Mom” payments on top of their organic food and skinny jeans bills.

Nina Keneally, 63, spent the past two years giving advice to Brooklyn kids for free. She’s now turned her talent into a business.

“My husband and I moved from Connecticut to Bushwick two years ago. As I got engaged in living here I ran into many of these young people at yoga class, in local restaurants, [and] walking my dog around here. Hanging out in the park there are a lot of young people,” Keneally told the Guardian Tuesday. “I found many of them started to talk to me sometimes about basic things in their lives. One young woman came running up to me and said, ‘Nina, I’ve lost my job and it wasn’t my fault and I’m so upset.’ I sat down with her and we talked a little about it. She got a little perspective and that was good.”

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Keneally will perform all sorts of tasks for $40 an hour. She irons shirts, makes pies, and buys “your real mom’s Christmas/Chanukah/Kwanzaa and birthday presents,” among many other services.

Prospective clients reach out to Keneally, a mother of two adult sons, at her website:

The businesswoman told the newspaper she recently received a solicitation to fly to Europe for an extended mothering session. She declined.

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Keneally bills herself as “a mother without the baggage your own mother brings to the table,” the Guardian reported.

Nina Keneally of New York City's "Need a Mom" (Photo: The Guardian video screenshot)

Nina Keneally of New York City’s “Need a Mom” (Photo: The Guardian video screenshot)

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