Michael Savage

Michael Savage

“I stand here before you in front of this microphone trying to ring the bell of sanity in a world of insanity,” Savage said this week, reacting to not only the terror in Paris but Obama’s reaction to it.

“We have leaders who are so spineless or insane or drugged, that they’re not leaders,” Savage said. “They’re going to kill all of us.”

As the president insisted once again that the terrorists didn’t represent Islam, Savage said, “Even the liberal progressive reporters sat with their mouths agape as they listened to the rubbish. “The fallacy of Obama as a leader was never more clear, even to those reporters who are given to liberal, progressive values, if you want to call them values.”

Even stalwart Donald Trump supporter Savage wasn’t impressed with Trump’s recent tirades against rival Dr. Ben Carson, believing he should save his attacks for Hillary Clinton. Trump came back on Savage’s program to explain his strategy.

“She was a terrible secretary of state, maybe the worst ever,” Trump told Savage and his listeners. “But, I have to beat 15 people. I have to win before I can get to her. Believe me, I think she’s going to be easy. She had such a bad record.”

Rush Limbaugh

Listening to President Obama’s reaction to the Muslim terror attacks in Paris, Rush Limbaugh said it was clear that the commander in chief had no interest in defeating ISIS.

“Did I just hear what I just heard?” Limbaugh asked, mocking the president’s preference for diplomacy over military might.

“This idea of America winning, it’s so backward,” the talk radio host scoffed sarcastically. “We intellectuals are so far beyond the concept of America winning. That’s not what this is about. We’re not in this to win. That’s not why we’re doing what we’re doing. That’s his point of view here.”

“I’m telling you Obama has become dangerous.” That was Limbaugh’s reaction to the president’s determination to take in thousands of Syrian refugees, especially in light of the horrific massacre in Paris.

“Where do you think the modern-day, 19- [or] 20-year-old terrorist comes from, Mr. President?” Limbaugh asked rhetorically. “We can’t take the world here. There is no right to immigrate. We just can’t accept every human being suffering in this world in the United States.”

Aaron Klein

Klein invited his listeners to weigh in on “the top seven things U.S. must learn from the ISIS attacks in Paris.” He also discussed Obama’s plan to bring in even more Syrian so-called refugees after the massacre, then talks to a former Mossad chief who explained how the world could defeat ISIS.

Comedy legend and listener favorite Jackie Mason came on to talk about, among other things, Hillary Clinton’s hair.

“I have no doubt that it’s a wig,” said Mason. “It looks like a wig and I’m sure it’s a wig. And I knew that sooner or later she would have to get a wig because she had to find a place to hide her emails. It’s under the wig. That’s where it is. There’s no question about it.”

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Mark Levin

“I believe this commander-in-chief is going to get a lot of Americans killed … that’s what I believe.”

That’s what Mark Levin told Breitbart News Daily on Tuesday, explaining: “There would not be an ISIS like there is an ISIS today but for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. These people have massive amounts of blood on their hands. And you and I and the American people don’t need lectures from him.”

Levin added that even Franklin Roosevelt “rounded up Japanese Americans and Italians and Germans and put them in internment camps” during the Second World War. “When Barack Obama says just preventing certain people from a certain part of the world from getting into our country is un-American and rejects American values, what the hell is he talking about?”

Listeners know Levin bases many of his arguments on the Constitution and other founding documents, like the Federalist Papers. However, few were likely aware before this week that he owns a rare first edition of the famous work.

Levin is now loaning it to Hillsdale College for two years: “I decided it needed to be on public display, where it could be shared with everyone else. I want it to be displayed at different places around the country over the next many years. But no better place to start than Hillsdale’s Constitution Center.”

Laura Ingraham

While a guest on the Fox News program “On the Record,” Laura Ingraham criticized House Speaker Paul Ryan for “using the language of the left” and “the language of Obama.”

Ryan said he opposed imposing “a religious test” on refugees, but Ingraham countered: “Nobody is talking about a religious test, we are talking about a test of leadership, for the American people to finally see their leaders – Obama and the Republicans – finally standing up for the American people.”

Ingraham’s guests this week included Dinesh D’Souza (“Donald Trump is the most electrifying figure we have had in politics since Reagan”); Donald Trump himself, who floated the idea of Ted Cruz as his running mate; author David Brooks; and Rand Paul (“There are many examples of refugees coming in under false pretenses”)

Glenn Beck

“Anyone remember when the president said that he wanted to diversify our neighborhoods?” Beck reminded listeners that over the summer, Obama had announced a new Housing and Urban Development policy calling “on cities to analyze their housing patterns for racial and ethnic biases.”

“Everybody said, ‘He’s trying to develop some sort of utopia. I mean, you can’t manufacture our neighborhoods,” Beck noted. “And [Obama] said, ‘We need to have our neighborhoods much more diverse.”

Beck then tied that in with the president’s determination to bring in more Muslim refugees. This, Beck mused, would be the “perfect way” to make the U.S. “much more diverse” because the State Department – in association with nine other agencies – determines where the refugees will be placed.

Beck said he favored welcoming those refugees who were fleeing a “guaranteed death” if not admitted to the U.S. He said it is “important that we take care of the Jews and the Christians,” and only allow in those “we can trust here,” adding, “If we lose the homeland, we lose everything.”

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