Hillary Clinton (White House photo)

Hillary Clinton (White House photo)

The State Department released 7,800 pages of Hillary Clinton emails, including one marked “secret” that contained information about U.S. foreign relations.

The Hill noted that particular email spoke about the federal investigation of the 2012 attack on America’s compound in Benghazi, Libya, that left four Americans – including Ambassador Christopher Stevens – dead. The email was written in the wake of the arrest of suspects “who may” have been tied to the attack, the Hill said.

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The email classified “secret” follows an inspector general report that found a couple of previously released emails from the former secretary of State’s private, home-based email server contained “top secret” information, which is the highest tag possible for sensitive data.

The “secret” email just discovered within Clinton’s stash also adds to the near–1,000 others already found to contain sensitive or classified information.

By the numbers, the latest batch includes 328 emails dubbed classified. And as the State Department has previously released, that 328 brings the total of Clinton’s private server emails categorized as classified to 999, Fox News said.

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The document dump late Monday was the largest batch of emails released by State to date. Two-thirds of Clinton’s court-ordered emails have been released, the Hill reported.

“Meeting this goal is a testament to our commitment to releasing to the public these emails as expeditiously as possible,” said State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau.

Not all were so glowing in their reaction to the document dump, however.

Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, had this to say, via a statement: “With the number of emails containing classified information now numbering nearly one thousand, this latest court–ordered release underscores the degree to which Hillary Clinton jeopardized our national security and has tried to mislead the American people.”

A federal court ordered the release of 55,000 pages of Clinton’s emailed messages from her tenure as secretary of State. The emails were stored on the private server she set up in her home in New York.

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The email server has been a thorn in the side of Clinton on her presidential campaign trail.

FBI director James Comey, a Republican who was appointed by President Obama, has to some degree Clinton’s fate in his hands. He’s in charge of the federal investigation of Clinton’s use of her private email server for secretary of State correspondence and wields considerable power in determining whether she engaged in illegal or improper behaviors.

Comey, as the Hill noted, has bipartisan support and is known for his aggressive pursuit of prosecutions. He once, for example, stopped then–White House counsel Alberto Gonzales from obtaining the hospital bedside signature of Attorney General John Ashcroft to continue a surveillance program on domestic soil

Of his FBI investigators, Comey said this, earlier this year, the Hill reported: “My folks don’t give a rip about politics. We’re competent, we’re independent and we’re honest.”

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